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Understanding Liam

Liam was the lone foreign-exchange student at the local high school. He hailed from England, where people often spoke a weird and cryptic language. Liam had few friends because he drove a stupid K-car. But what really turned people off about Liam was his vocabulary. He would say things such as "bloody", "chap", "right-o", "cheers", "pip pip" and the like. Nobody could understand what he was talking about. So his classmates ignored him. Did I mention Liam was from England?

Liam never had a date while he was in America. Who would want to date a strange-speaking English bloke? When summer came, Liam returned to his homeland across the great big pond. He became a bitter alcoholic, and rarely spoke of his experience in the states.

Liam died a broken, decrepit old soul. And all because he didn't bother to speak English correctly.

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