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December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to all! Last Thursday, Jacquie and I were proud to be in attendance at the premiere of Dennis Fiore's Harvest Skies down at my alma mater, Wayne State. It looked really good, coming in around 24 minutes. Especially considering how quickly he had to put everything together: color correction, some FX shots and a great ambient soundtrack. Dennis is definitely an up-and-comer. We were also happy that he and Mike Shoftstall, the writer, were able to join us at the Michigan Festival Shorts event a few weeks ago. They were able to meet a bunch of people in the industry and we were happy to introduce them. He's a sharp kid; watch out for him (I don't think he's armed, just sharp).

We've also received word that the other short we shot around the same time, One Minute Past Seven, is ready to be premiered amongst five other sci-fi shorts produced by Gary Bosek and Bosek Productions. The event, titled "The Other Universe", will take place on Tuesday, January 15, 7:30 pm, at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. Tickets are $10. Click here to view the flyer.

Stuff with The Undone is getting back to normal too. We are back at Jox Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Rochester on Saturday, January 19. We would definitely appreciate your support - a strong showing on the 19th could help us get into the Hamlin Pub as well. So come on out and show how much you love us!

Mike and I are headed out to Guitar Center today to pick up some new goodies for the band, including lights and a floor monitor. Thank God they do a 12-months same as cash deal every few months there. Of course, it's my credit rating, but Mike doesn't seem to care. Then again, he's the one afraid of his wife, so who's the real loser?

Well, thanks for your support and love in 2007. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and New Year, and let's set the world alight in 2008. Or at least not die. Peace!

November 27, 2007

In addition to recently updating my biography page, I have uploaded some new photos to the Stage page, mainly photos from "Working Stiffs". Please enjoy the hilarity of me in a bow tie.

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, Jacquie and I completed two short films (all acting, no producing this time). We finished Harvest Skies, a student film about a man (me) struggling with living right and saving his relationship. My character works at an indoor/outdoor garden that provides food for the needy. Of course, this necessitated shooting outdoors on Saturday, freezing our patooties off whilst I angrily (in character) turned over a huge pile of rank and mushy compost. What joy! But it was a well-run set, commanded by a talented and ambitious young director named Dennis Fiore, and I am confident it will turn out looking quite beautiful. Fall is a wonderful time to shoot outdoors in Michigan, or hadn't you noticed?

The other short was called One Minute Past Seven, produced by Gary Bosek and Bosek Productions. Gary found Jacquie and I through our association earlier this year with a director friend of his on another project. It was bliss (and not only because the set was three miles from our house). Gary and his crew were very efficient and creative. He, like a lot of us, has a sketch comedy troupe that has branched out into films, and we got along quite nicely. The story was of a grandfather clock that seems to stop time and cause it to repeat, and I was the unwitting victim of its treachery. We shot it in about 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday night. His company has about six short films that they plan on premiering sometime in January. This project will close out the night, he tells me. I'll keep you posted on that premiere info.

Speaking of premieres and such, this Thursday, 11/29, is the Michigan Festival Shorts event at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. Six shorts by very talented Michigan directors, at least three of whom I have worked with in the past. Jacquie is featured in two shorts, so come on out and support. I hear that tickets are going fast.

This Saturday, Jacquie and I are filming small roles in Mike Madigan's new short, New Directions. Then later in December we've got three days of pick-ups on Cold Dead Hands. After that, things may slow down for the winter, but I plan to continue pounding away at a couple of scripts I've been working on (one short, one feature). Jacquie and I both feel it's time to do another of our own pet projects, and hopefully soon!

Stay warm and classy, baby!

November 20, 2007

I decided to update my biography with all of my 2007 doings, in case anyone is interested. :)

If I happen to grab any free time this weekend, I will post with more news about the Weenie Roast Massacre premiere and various and diverse other matters. To tide you over, read the "official WRM blog".

November 13, 2007

Heidi-ho, neighborinos! This Thursday sees the long-awaited premiere of Weenie Roast Massacre at the Emagine Theater in Novi! Three long years after we shot it, it's finally ready to be viewed. Come one, come all, and see me in a letter jacket for the first time since 1989!

Jacquie and I are currently involved in an ambitious student film project called Harvest Skies. It's a film with, like, a green-tinted message, and I am playing the lead (so how could I turn it down?). We began filming last Sunday at a market in Detroit, and it ran pretty much on schedule, a good sign. The one thing about working with student filmmakers is that they are all very organized, typically by-the-book and aggressive. Shooting continues this weekend at a farm in Almont, with later shoots to occur in a greenhouse at the top of the science building on the Wayne State campus (a place I haven't been in almost as long as it's been since I've worn a letter jacket!)

The Undone is out and about again. Last Saturday we had a great show at Jox Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Rochester. They seemed to enjoy our variety, and we'll be back there on January 19. And this Friday, we return to Alias Bar & Grill in Warren, playing another of our patented acoustic shows. Come on out and see us at our improvisational best!

That's all for now. Hope to see you at the Weenie Roast Massacre premiere and/or at the next Undone show. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and be well!

October 25, 2007

Well, another month has seemingly flown by. I am powerless to stop becoming old. Dammit! Anyway, much has happened since I last spoke to you.

Working Stiffs finished a very successful run last Sunday. For a 2nd Stage show, I would estimate that we had a 60-70% full house over the run of the show - very positive, for 2nd Stage AND a World Premiere to boot. Thanks to those of you who came out to support local theatre. It was great to see you!

My ABC Warehouse commercial with Gordy went very well. It was shot by Backyard Productions, an extremely competent crew, and it went very quickly. We shot at D'Amato's Italian restaurant in Royal Oak. The premise, which turned out to be quite funny, was that Gordy was using his filet, potatoes and asparagus to show us how to hook up an HDTV system with surround sound. He kept improvising lines, and even used a couple of my suggestions on different takes. Gordy was a very nice guy and very funny, if a little distracted. But that was to be expected, I guess - I think he was shooting 2-3 other spots that day after ours. Look for it on a TV near you in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.

The last couple of weeks have been a microcosm of the joyful crappiness of the entertainment business. After a pretty slow year, I have been cast in three TV commercials and just got a voice-over job, which I'm headed to in a couple of hours. Of course, the producers reneged on two of the TV jobs, and here's the scoop:

1) For a hospital commercial for which Jacquie and I auditioned to be a "maternity couple", I was originally selected as the "maternity husband". Great! Jacquie wasn't cast; bummer, but that's life. The next day my agent calls me back, sounding very distressed. This can't be good, I think, and it wasn't. "The client has decided to go with their #2 choice" - this after I've already been told the shoot date (10/25) and taken it off work. #2 choice? Why wasn't that guy their #1 choice in the first place, if they decided (after already offering me the job) that their original #1 guy (me) was less desirable than their #2 guy (probably Zach Braff)? Oh well. Moral: Sometimes being #1 doesn't mean bupkus.

2) I auditioned for a couple of decently funny TV spots for a business networking web site on Tuesday. Got a call Wednesday telling me to hold my calendar for today (10/25), as I am on the short list for the spot which, apparently, they were shooting 2 days after auditioning - a fairly uncommon occurrence. A couple hours later I get another call from my agent (a different agency than the hospital commercial above) telling me that everyone is off hold, the client has decided to go in "another direction", they are going to re-think their campaign, etc. etc. I guess I just don't understand how ad agencies and production companies can get all the way to the audition step and then, after wasting everybody's time, just decide to start from scratch, again. Moral: Um, be prepared?

3) And then, as the Good Book says, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." Not two hours after I got the second phone call telling me about the "new direction", the same agency called back and told me I got a voice-over job in Novi - today (10/25)! The same day the other two redacted commercials were supposed to shoot. How's that for providence, divine intervention, and the faithful hand of God, huh? This is a VO job I know nothing about; a lot of times clients will just listen to your voice demos and select a talent without an audition. This was one of those times. Moral: The Lord will provide!

Jacquie has had at least two commercial auditions canceled at the last minute in the last few weeks for much the same reason as my #2 above. The proverbial and vaunted "Different Direction." I understand the ad game is tough and cutthroat and all that, but whenever I've been involved in the casting process, we've had a solid script and a good idea of what we want. None of this, "Let's see some talent read our lines and then we'll decide if it's worth shooting or not" nonsense. Oh well. With thick skin and a strong backbone, one might still succeed in this business. Might.

The Undone is finally back, after a summer-long hiatus, caused by my busy filming schedule and the new babies in the lives of our drummer and bass player. This Saturday, October 27, we are at the Alias Bar & Grill in Warren, playing a full-band acoustic show for the very first time! Why would you miss this piece of history? Then on November 10, we are playing a new bar in downtown Rochester, Jox Sports Bar & Grill. Come get reacquainted with us, won't you?

October 3, 2007

Hello, gentle readers! Lots going on, as always. We finally finished shooting on Cold Dead Hands a couple Sundays ago. Yee haw! The director is expecting a Spring 2008 premiere. I for one can't wait to see it. The mass zombie scenes alone will be worth the price of admission.

We also finished up Another Day in mid-September. Not sure when it will be complete, but we've already seen a rough edit (before reshoots) and it is looking pretty good. One word of caution to all you aspiring filmmakers out there: if you are going to shoot in a bar, make damn sure you have someone on continuity, and finish your shots in a single day if at all possible. You'll find that many things change in a bar from week to week and the camera doesn't much like it.

Still have one or two more days left on Keep A Baby. One of those days will be this Saturday, when I get to perform with at least two more fake sons as part of my character's challenge to show he can be a good father. I have a great rant with my last son that I still can't quite memorize. Oh well. Fun stuff!

I was fortunate to get cast in an ABC Warehouse TV commercial which shoots this Friday. I think they're shooting three or four new spots; the one I'm in is set in a restaurant. Not quite sure how Gordy is going to bridge the gap between appliance store and restaurant, but we shall see. You have to admit, the man is pretty funny. I will give a full report next week, hopefully.

Finally, rehearsals for Working Stiffs are progressing nicely. We are all off book and seem to be in pretty good shape. Next week is tech/hell week, and we open next Friday, October 12. Do you have your tickets yet?

September 21, 2007

Greetings, one and all! I have the pleasure of informing you that I am performing in a new show this October. New to me and in addition, it's a brand new show by a local playwright, so it is also billed as a "World Premiere". The show is titled Working Stiffs, and here's what the promotional material says about it: "It's just an average, ordinary day in the lives of some average, ordinary people, such as the Sandman, Mother Nature, Mother Earth and Father Time. When a problem of global proportions looms on the horizon, they must all deal with the inevitable: will they still have jobs after the imminent Apocalypse causes massive layoffs?"

Sounds interesting, right? It's a comedy (if you couldn't tell) and I am playing Sandy, a professional sandman. Here are some more details for you:

Where: Stagecrafters 2nd Stage, 415 S. Lafayette Ave., Royal Oak (yes, you don't have to drive to Grosse Pointe this time!)

When: October 12-14, 18-21

Time: All shows begin at 8 pm, except Sundays at 2 pm

Tickets: $12 - call 248.541.6430

You can read more about the show and Stagecrafters at

Also, the show is sponsored by Miner's Den Jewelers, and the first 25 people through the doors on October 13 and 20 will receive a free Troll bracelet courtesy of them. I don't know what a Troll bracelet is, but heck, it's free!

I hope to see at least some of you there.

September 10, 2007

Well, my brother Dave and Katie got married over the weekend. It was a great weekend all around and the party was thorough. Jacquie and I performed a little sketch about Dave & Katie's relationship that, according to all reports, brought the house down. I guess it's easy when you're working with such good subjects! Anyway, congrats to Dave & Katie!

August 23, 2007

Trailers for three of the movies I've been working on this summer are now available. Check them out and enjoy!

K.A.B. - Keep A Baby
Cold Dead Hands
Another Day

August 22, 2007

Oh yeah, last time I forgot to mention that last week I was cast in a new play at Stagecrafters in Royal Oak. It's called Working Stiffs, by local playwright Edward J. Thomas. It will be my first time onstage at Stagecrafters, and it should be a good time. The show runs from October 12-21 on the 2nd Stage. I will post more detailed info (maybe even a flyer) when I get it. It is a story about the everyday lives of a woman, her guardian angel, Father Time, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Life, Death, War, and me, Sandy, a "professional sandman". It's a very funny script, so I hope you will all come out to support local theatre and a local playwright when the time comes!

Also, I am proud to announce that Love & Plutonium will be available for sale at on Tuesday, September 4. We are very excited to add another independent film retailer to our stable of distribution (it's also available at, and - DVD and TiVo!) So check it out and enjoy!

August 18, 2007

Remember the bizcom (business situation comedy) pilot we did last fall, Incorporated? Well, we may have finally found an outlet for it (and Love & Plutonium as well)! Our good friend Cate (or is it Cat? I still can't figure that one out) had a meeting the other day with a new local cable network, Good News Television, about airing her short film Snapshot. All apparently went well, and she alerted me to their presence. So, one long phone conversation later, Jacquie and I now have an on-camera interview scheduled for Monday, August 27, at GNTV to discuss both Incorporated and Love & Plutonium. And then hopefully, this network will be airing both of those productions sometime this late fall/early winter. I'm going to try to convince them that they need to show Arbor Daze as well, but being a "good news" network, they may have a little problem with the "language" and "violence". We'll see. Anyway, wish us luck and, um, call your cable provider and say, "I want good news!"? Maybe that will work?

August 14, 2007

Well, a sudden burst of inspiration struck me yesterday, and I have expanded a sketch idea I had several years ago into a full-fledged short story. It is called The Cinderella Slap: A Fairy Tale. Check it and many other short stories out on my Stories page. Let me know what you think, eh?

July 27, 2007


Well shoo-wee and yeah-heah, the Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival has accepted To Have and to Hold, as well as Snapshot and Shooters that Jacquie appeared in. The festival is Saturday, August 4. Check it out. We can't because we'll be shooting. Of course. I think I had barely one weekend this year summer free, literally (more below), and as a landscaping nut, one who actually enjoys working in and on his yard, you know that has to be killing me!

This last Tuesday, Jacquie and I shot our scene in Marty Shea and Ian Bonner's new film, Literally. We had dinner with some shady ladies and I got to speak to Osama on the phone. Good times.

Shooting continues on the other projects: Cold Dead Hands, Keep A Baby and Another Day. I'm shooting K.A.B. tomorrow in Lansing, and then I'm on my way to Grand Rapids where we've got a read-thru for One Dead Dog in the evening.

Speaking of the one free weekend (about 3 paragraphs ago, keep up), I spent it in Baltimore with my bud Dennis for our baseball trip. The inner harbor area was pretty nice, the ballpark a B+, and the hotel an F- (read mine and Dennis' reviews here). Some advice: never ever stay at the Biltmore Suites in Baltimore. Just awful.

So, I gotta plan my brother's bachelor party one of these days too. And start thinking about a speech. Damn I'm lazy! Well, I'm off.

July 9, 2007

Through the magic of the internet, we discovered today that our award-winning film, Love & Plutonium, is now available to download to your PC or TiVo at Click here for details or to order!

Onto other things. Last Friday we had our enormously climatic scene for Cold Dead Hands. The scenes required a plethora of zombie extras, and we put out calls on as many web sites as possible. We were not disappointed! We had over 30 extras show up - a most wonderful and rewarding surprise. Thanks to all who showed up, drank beer, and got bloody. Only a few more shorter days to go, one hopes...

Keep A Baby is rolling right along as well. Still have probably 5 days of shooting to go, but we are well over halfway there. Scheduling conflicts have caused some backups, but the plan is still to be finished by the end of July.

Another Day began shooting last Sunday. We are shooting at the Alias Bar & Grill in Warren, a hangout of your friends in The Undone. Mike and Shannon have been great, and we had a fine first day of filming. One more day in that bar and we should be good to go. Yee haw.

Finally, pre-production on One Dead Dog is continuing apace. We have a read-thru rehearsal scheduled for the end of July, and the we being filming in mid-August. I'm playing a redneck and I really wanted to shave my head for the role, but then my brother had to go and get engaged. The wedding is September 8, and I'm guessing my bro and new sister-in-law wouldn't appreciate a bald best man in their photos. Oh well, looks like I'm just going to have to go bald naturally!

My best bud Dennis and I are off to Baltimore this weekend for our annual baseball trip. This marks the eighth year we've traveled to one of America's (and Canada's) glorious baseball stadiums. We shall see how Camden Yards stacks up. The stadium better be good because the Orioles stink!

Until then, I remain,

Yours truly

June 24, 2007

Wotcher! It's been almost a month and that can only mean I've been busy with things aplenty. Shooting on Cold Dead Hands and Keep A Baby has continued in a frenzied fashion, while pre-production on Another Day and One Dead Dog is also ongoing. Plus I've been back singing with The Undone a few shows this month. In addition, I've been doing some landscaping around the house, and our basement remodeling project has begun. What have you been up to lately?

Don't forget that Love & Plutonium will be screened at the Origin's Gaming Convention in Columbus, OH on July 5-8, 2007. If you are able to make it to this wonderful little festival, make sure to check out Love & Plutonium. Your inner superhero will thank you!

May 27, 2007

Greetings, all, as I begin my 37th year of life (for those of you educated in government schools, that means I turned 36 yesterday)! I spent my birthday running from zombies on the set of Cold Dead Hands. Good times, and the rain held off just enough so that we got some killer (pun intended) shots. We had some awesome zombie extras, including the rockstar zombies and the businessman zombie. Ken Clark did a super bang-up makeup job all by his lonesome.

And now, a reminder that Love & Plutonium will be screened at the Origin's Gaming Convention in Columbus, OH on July 5-8, 2007. If you are able to make it to this wonderful little festival, make sure to check out Love & Plutonium. Your inner superhero will thank you!

May 15, 2007

Hello friends, one and all. Today is mine and Jacquie's 2nd wedding anniversary. Yee haw! It actually seems shorter than that, contrary to most married people who claim that life seems longer after marriage. :)

We're back from California, and oh what a fine trip it was. Beautiful weather, clear blue skies, and we packed quite a bit of fun in along with my godson Austin's first communion. We got a VIP tour of Paramount Studios, thanks to my employer, Hollywood Software. We saw an Angels game in Anaheim with the Wynn clan. We finally got to meet in person Grant of Throwing Toasters, the fellow whose song Living @ Home inspired the story for Love & Plutonium (more news on the movie in a moment). And, perhaps most fun of all, I got to meet my boyhood idol, Mr. Manly. If you've never heard his stuff before, I highly recommend it. It's good tongue-in-cheek humor, stuff I used to wake up at 7:15 am to listen to on WLLZ back in the day. All in all, a very worthwhile trip. Of course, I guess anything would beat going to the office!

Now, onto the aforementioned Love & Plutonium news. You may know that L & P was selected as one of the first films to be distributed by; in fact, we were awarded the Filmrunner Choice Award and a cash prize. Well, they have been looking for new and exciting ways to get their films seen by a wider audience, and I just learned today that L & P will be screened at the Origin's Gaming Convention in Columbus, OH on July 5-8, 2007. Hopefully our little movie will continue to be every fanboy's dream! So if you are able to make it to this wonderful little festival, make sure to check out Love & Plutonium. Your inner superhero will thank you!

We continued shooting Cold Dead Hands on Saturday, with Mike Meike being nicely zombified. Now that the location issues seem to be resolved, it was a very productive day. Then yesterday I had my first day of shooting on Keep A Baby. The director works at WILX 10 in Lansing, and so has some nice resources available. There are a bunch of newsroom and interview scenes in the movie, so all that is sure to look quite professional (a good writer writes what he has access to shoot, I always say)! Then tomorrow, we finish shooting the first "webisode" of Terra. I'm going to be busy for the next 2 months but hopefully it will all be worth it and I will have a handful of new projects to be proud of. Then I can set about deciding how to slice up my reel once again. L8r!

May 1, 2007

Greetings, friends! Everything is fairly quiet at the moment, but that's just a passing fancy. We take off for our trip to California on Thursday, but when we get back, all the movie shoots begin/continue in earnest. I'm so looking forward to this trip: it's my godson's first communion, I will get to jam with Tony's band, we'll see a ballgame at Edison field in Anaheim, and enjoy some great weather and old friends. And, if Jacquie has her way, we'll see a taping of the Tyra Banks show. Yippee. :)

April 17, 2007

Howdy. Last week I got called to do a job for a Kia sales training video, both voice over and on camera. We shot at a cool place called Media Genesis in Madison Heights, a place I wouldn't mind working someday. I'd much rather work in A/V production than slinging code, any day. Too bad the pay scale is all out of whack. But anyway, yeah, it was my first paying job of the year. Woo hoo.

Last weekend was crazy insane. I had three movie shoots, starting with Cold Dead Hands on Saturday at the house of Priskorn here in Troy. It was a long but fairly productive day. I even got to wear my fake glasses for one scene. I am such a tree-hugging pacifist loony in this movie, it's so much fun! Read Matt's blog on the aforementioned site for more details.

Then on Sunday it was my second official paying gig of the year: pickup shots for Amsteroid. I didn't shoot my stuff until over 2 hours late, but on the plus side, I got to wear an orange jumpsuit and make good money while eating a free lunch from Panera. I don't know exactly what it was that I ended up shooting, but I got the impression that I was playing the twin to the character I played in the movie. It's quite a convoluted mythology on Amsteroid, I do know that much!

Then after the Amsteroid craziness, I drove from Ann Arbor home to Troy to pick up Jacquie and then on to Bloomfield Hills to shoot the first "webisode" of Terra. It still has kind of a disorganized feel to it, but at least the actors have time to get to know each other, and the mythology of the project is starting to become a little clearer. Just needs a little more organization is all, I hope. Because it's a pretty fun group of people. Jacquie and I completed the 1000-word back story for our characters, "The Couple", last night. No more can be said, other than, we're in the future and we will kick some butt.

Finally, tomorrow we have our first rehearsal/read-thru/get-to-know-you meeting for this summer's blockbuster comedy, tentatively titled Keep A Baby. This is the kidnapping comedy I mentioned in a previous entry, and most of it will be shot in Lansing. Of course, this means a 2 hour drive to Lansing during rush hour traffic after work, but hey, that's what indie actors do. I'm looking forward to actually meeting Mike Bartkowiak and the other actors (Jacquie's involved as well). Incredibly enough, Mike cast Jacquie and I on the basis of our reels alone. I'm playing the lead role. Sure glad I actually decided to get off my butt and put those reels together last summer!

April 2, 2007

Well, the Heartlande Theatre RetroFEST '07 is over and it was a grand old time. Our play, That Delicious Torture, Love, received the most laughs of the evening, and all of Jacquie's cheesecakes were consumed as well. All in all, a fun night.

Now begins the crazy part of the year. I've got at least six projects coming up, including a new sci-fi series called Terra that Jacquie and I are involved in. We had our first shoot yesterday, and we got to run around in the woods brandishing weapons and learning some rudimentary Tae Kwon Do. Jacquie and I got to do a short fight scene together (as allies, not enemies). This project promises to put InZer0 to shame.

Besides that, I've got  Fortune Cookie, a short student film directed by a Wayne State grad student, one day of Amsteroid pickups (paid!), and then Cold Dead Hands starts on April 14. After that I'm playing the lead in an untitled kidnapping comedy feature, written by Mike Bartkowiak of Lansing. And finally there's One Dead Dog, a redneck thriller written and directed by Shirley Clemens. I'm dying to shave my head for this one! Stay tuned for photos and other interesting tidbits as the summer progresses, tidbits such as do I quit my job?

March 20, 2007

Well, I'm back from Texas after another lovely St. Patty's Day gig with Carnalea. Good weather, lots of beer and very little sleep - it's got a lot to recommend it! Including NWA destroying Katie's keyboard and then claiming that they can't be responsible for the loss of electronic equipment, it was a memorable weekend.

Next up for me is the Heartlande Theatre RetroFEST '07 on Saturday, March 31. Get your tickets now!

After that, it's three films beginning in April. First is Fortune Cookie, a short student film directed by a Wayne State grad student. Then I've got one day of Amsteroid pickups (paid!), and then, finally, Cold Dead Hands starts on April 14. This is the one I've really been waiting for. It shoots on 12 weekends between April and July. Firearms and the ambulant deceased. It should be a great summer!

March 11, 2007

Well, Proof wrapped last night. We had a great run, and the last two nights were definitely the best, both for performances and for responsiveness of the house. Good friends AEG and Shirls made the trek from Grand Rapids to see closing night, which was much appreciated!

Now I prepare for our annual St. Patty's day trip to Spring, TX, to play The Stadium bar for two nights with my pseudo-Irish band, Carnalea (starring my future sister-in-law Katie and my old Curious Jack partner Tony).

After that, it's more rehearsing for the Heartlande Theatre RetroFEST '07. I am in a play called That Delicious Torture, Love, a humorous look at revenge. Ticket and performance info should all be available on the Retrofest site.

Oh yeah, AEG got several of his latest short films reviewed on To Have and to Hold got 3.5 out of 4 stars, being called "...beautiful to say the least.". Yee haw!

I'll talk to you upon my return from Texas.

February 28, 2007

Proof opened last Sunday, and it was a good start. The audience was pretty sparse due to the icy weather, but rumor has it the rest of the run will be nice and full. I have posted some photos from the show on the Photos page (look under Stage).

Here's some blatant promotion: We have one more matinee on March 4 at 2 pm, and evening shows on March 1-3 and 7-10 at 8 pm. More info can be found at, and you can order tickets by calling (313) 881-4004. Tickets are $15. Hope to see you there.

I have also created a "Production Reel" as a sibling to my acting reel. This one showcases some of my editing and other production work. Check it out and hire me!

February 19, 2007

Proof opens this Sunday, February 25, at Grosse Pointe Theatre. We have matinees on February 25 and March 4 at 2 pm, and evening shows on March 1-3 and 7-10 at 8 pm. More info can be found at, and you can order tickets by calling (313) 881-4004. Tickets are $15. Hope to see you there.

There was a little story on the show in yesterday's Free Press as well. Check it out here.

In addition, I was just cast in one of the shows in the Heartlande Theatre RetroFEST '07. The Fest will be held at 7 pm on Saturday, March 31 at Detroit Country Day. More info when I know it.

February 7, 2007

Just got the word that two movies that I am in will be featured at February's Cinema Slam in Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, February 13! A.E. Griffin's To Have and to Hold and Marty Shea's 21 Carbs are the featured short films. So if you can make it out to Ann Arbor on the 13th, let me know how it goes. I, of course, have play rehearsal. Dangit!

As mentioned, Proof rehearsals continue unabated. We are now to the point where we are completely off book and running the entire show each rehearsal. Last night was the first such run, and I have to say it went pretty well. My main concern now is all the quick changes we have. Oh well, it's fun having someone help you dress!

January 21, 2007

Yesterday I had the privilege to be interviewed on the "Sports Extra" show with Jeff & Bennie on WTKG AM 1230 in Grand Rapids. We discussed the latest Curious Jack song, Fire (Matt), as well as other Lions' topics. I was on for about 4-5 minutes and I think I handled myself fairly well. Some technical difficulties interrupted the last part of the interview, but oh well, I got to preach the Curious Jack gospel!

More Proof rehearsals this week. Jacquie is out of town all week on a Brainstormers tour in Grand Rapids (maybe she'll name-drop Curious Jack while she's out there!). The puppy is at the in-laws' house all week to get his attention fix, as I'm never home. Don't get any ideas, we have an alarm system! Later.

January 15, 2007

Wow. Today, I am proud to announce that our movie Love & Plutonium has been awarded the "Filmrunner Choice Award" prize at Here is the entire announcement from Filmrunner:

"Congratulations to Jeff Priskorn, Loose Change Entertainment, and the rest of the cast and crew of Love & Plutonium. The Filmrunner crew has selected Love & Plutonium as their favorite film submitted last month. In addition to being one of the first ten movies chosen to appear on Filmrunner (a $200 prize), Loose Change Entertainment will also receive $500 for being selected for the 'Filmrunner Choice Award!'

"This comedy is fun to watch, and draws a fine line between good and evil. A little action, a little romance, and a whole lot of funny... this film delivers excellent comedic performances. Fast paced editing and good direction gives this film creative energy and demonstrates unquestionably that indeed 'sometimes love goes BOOM!'"

So, wow, we are honored to receive another award (and some actual cash)! If you haven't seen our now twice-awarded film, what are you waiting for? You can purchase it online here, or it is now also available for sale at

January 7, 2007

Greetings and happy new year! I've had an exciting week and a half, with Curious Jack's new song Fire (Matt) getting some airplay on WDFN AM 1130 and also a sports station out in Grand Rapids (WTKG AM 1230). They contacted me and I'm actually supposed to do an interview with them next Saturday, 1/13. Crazy, I know, but what the heck. I guess I'm a publicity whore.

Started rehearsals for Proof today at Grosse Pointe Theatre. We got through the first two scenes today and I have my lines down quite well already. Bully for me.

Finally, my band The Undone has three gigs coming up at Jack's Waterfront in St. Clair Shores. We played a pretty cool New Year's Eve gig there, and we've got shows there on 1/12, 1/20 and 2/9. These may very well be the last shows I play with The Undone, as I am planning on curtailing my musical endeavors for the time being in order to concentrate my weekends more on acting, especially Proof this February and March, and of course Cold Dead Hands all spring and summer long. So come out and see us one last time before I jump ship. (P.S. It's definitely an amicable split, and the band is planning to continue on without me. So if you want to sing in a rock band, let me know and I'll get you in touch with the boys!)

Oh yeah, I need to give a shout out to our bass player Joe and his wife Dory, who just had a baby daughter at the end of December. Congrats!

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