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December 26, 2006

Hey hey hey and holy moly! My comedy band, Curious Jack, finally has a new song after a 3-year hiatus. In the spirit of the holiday season, our new ditty is called Fire (Matt), of course about the ineptitude of the Detroit Lions from top to bottom, but mostly from the top. Check it out, and be listening for it on WDFN AM 1130 sometime soon, probably on the Stoney & Wojo Show from 3-6 pm. Don't be afraid to call and ask for it either! Thank you ever so much.

December 13, 2006

What up, yo? Last weekend I auditioned for the Tony-award-winning play Proof at Grosse Pointe Theatre. I haven't done a whole lot of true "theatre" lately as I've been concentrating on the band thing. But that's about to change! I have been cast as Hal, the young mathematician who falls for the leading lady and has some tough choices to make. I am absolutely thrilled to be back at GPT and to have this role. I think it's different from anything else I've done and I can't wait to get started on rehearsals. Make your plans now to see the show: February 25, March 1-4 and 7-10. Now I must get back to my memorization!

Oh yeah, one more thing. My good friend A.E. Griffin and Jon Worful recently completed editing a dramatic short that the AEG and I shot earlier this summer. It's called To Have and to Hold, and hopefully it speaks for itself. You can check it out here. Enjoy! And, later.

December 5, 2006

Greetings, friends. Just a quick and painless update here. The Loose Change pilot, Incorporated, has been completed. We also knocked out three quick "bumpers", our "Reasons to start your own business." Pretty funny stuff, if I do say so myself. Now we shop it around and see what happens. The bumpers are up on YouTube if you care to check them out!

We also had a rehearsal/test-shoot for Cold Dead Hands a couple of weekends back. It went well and should be a great time. Handling firearms and blasting the undead will make for a fine summer next year!

Other than that, just freezing my butt off and trying to stay in shape. Merry Christmas to all!

October 25, 2006

We had a great shoot for our Loose Change pilot, Incorporated, on Saturday. We were ahead of schedule most of the day and got to shoot a bunch of fantasy sequences we didn't think we'd get to. A very successful shoot, thanks to the willing hands of many wonderful people, including Jebby, Shaver, Jason, Karri, Louis, Cate, Ken, Mark, Troy, Jennifer, Colin, Joey and Jacquie. You can read the official blog here.

After that, we had the debut of my new (side) band, Not Van Halen. We got all dressed up and rocked the Dawg House but good. Check out some photos here.

Then on Sunday night I had a callback for a commercial that I had auditioned for over a week ago. It's a TV spot for Lutheran Hour Ministries, quite nice seeing as how I've been a lifelong Lutheran! I had to drive out to a hotel in Novi to meet with the director (in from LA) and audition a bit more. But it was worth it, as I was cast on the spot. We shot yesterday and I got to work with a very funny lady, Lise Lacasse, with whom I have done some Comcast radio spots. She and Jacquie also performed together in years past. Anyway, we played dad and mom to an 11 year old boy and it was interesting. I've always felt I'd make a bad father, as I'm always more interesting in being the friend of young people rather than some sort of authority figure. But, if the director is to be believed, I did a very convincing job of it. Fake life will always be easier than real life!

And, Jacquie comes home from her tour tonight. Yippee!

October 17, 2006

I've posted some new photos on the Screen photos page, if you're of a mind to check them out. Also, a couple other notes:

1) We are shooting the pilot episode of our Loose Change spinoff, Incorporated, on Saturday. It will but a long day, but hopefully very productive. Wouldn't it be cool to do a TV show for a living? Yeah, I agree.

2) After the shoot on Saturday, come on out to The Dawg House on Groesbeck, north of 15 Mile, for the debut of my new (side) band, Not Van Halen. If you can't figure it out, it's a Roth-era tribute band. We go on at 10:15, so be there!

September 29, 2006

The commercial is already online and being aired on TV stations everywhere. That is what I call quick turnaround! Check it out on the tube or watch it online here. If you're a Republican, enjoy the spot. If you're a Democrat, enjoy seeing me with my hands all over Debbie Stabenow!

September 25, 2006

So things have been happening at their usual stately pace in my life. Our wonderful puppy Brompton had his manhood removed a few weeks ago and is recovering nicely, with no seeming decline in his libido. Then we got to hang out with the Loose Change gang last Friday, ostensibly for another meeting of the Bad Movie Society, though Jacquie and I didn't really see an entire movie that was aired (with the exception of Mark A. France's Beyond Midnight (not a bad movie at all, AEG just happened to bring along a copy), which is completed and will premiere at the Thriller Chiller film festival in Muskegon on October 13 and 14. Beyond Midnight looked really good and I was pretty pleased with my performance in it. And Mark did a great job putting it all together; you'd never know it was his first editing project! But anyway, on this evening, Jacquie, Eric Toth, Jebby and I sequestered ourselves in Jebby's basement office to discuss our pitches for a new cable network. Can't say much about it other than we are pitching a version of our sketch comedy show to a real network! More to come should anything bear fruit...

Also on Friday, Jacquie and I auditioned for a TV commercial for Michael Bouchard's campaign. Jacquie was cast straightaway and told to expect to be shooting all day on Sunday (with an 8 AM call). So Saturday, after lunching with the AEG and Shirley (who had spent the night at our domicile after the BMS gathering), Jacquie and I hit the mall to look for some clothes for the shoot. Along the way, we bought a new treadmill to replace the one that had died before we moved last year, as well as a new TV for the new basement workout area. Then Jacquie bought an armload of clothes and filled up the Sears charge card even more. Later that day, our agent called and said that the shoot had been rescheduled to Tuesday, due to some prop issues, and that Jacquie's role had been switched, meaning many of the clothes that were purchased were no longer appropriate. Son of a! And all of this was after Jacquie spent the morning freaking out because she also had Brainstormers rehearsal scheduled for Sunday afternoon, which she had to get out of due to the commercial shoot. Fortunately, that all worked out. And then, late Saturday night, our agent called and inquired as to my availability for the shoot on Tuesday. Seems I was the #2 choice, and the #1 guy had to bow out once the shoot date changed. So now we are both in the commercial, and assuming we actually do shoot it tomorrow, you are sure to be seeing lots of it in the run up to election day this November. Woo hoo! It's not a stodgy old campaign spot, either. If the audition material was any indication, it should be sorta funny. Also, Jacquie wants it known that even though the commercial is for the Republican candidate for senate, that in no way should be considered an endorsement. I, on the other hand, am on the other hand, so to speak.

Also, Jebby has been working on a spoof web site called Those of you familiar with her work know that she's a bit on the spindly side. So Jebby wrote up some lyrics and Jacquie and I recorded a parody yesterday called Does She Know It's Dinner Time (Feed Ann Coulter). The prototype video is posted here, and if you're just interested in listening to the song, you can give it a listen here. Though I'm considered politically conservative in most circles, even I would have to be blind not to see that she could stand to hit a buffet or two.

That's all for now. Enjoy the wonders that Michigan in autumn has to offer, cold rain and leaf raking notwithstanding.


August 30, 2006

Greetings, kind reader. Not much new and exciting, but what there is, I shall regale you with! Work on our master bathroom continues, but is nearly completed. All the tile is in and the cabinets are in and the plumbing works. Just waiting on the shower glass. It is a thing of beauty, let me tell you. We'll have a bathroom warming party once it's all done!

Jacquie and I just spent 5 days in lovely northern Michigan, in Traverse City and Mackinac Island. Her parents gave us a night at the Grand Hotel for our 1 year anniversary, so we took advantage of it in our own due time. Weather in TC was fairly crappy, but on the island it was magnificent. Sunny, mid-70's, a great time to be alive. It was my first time at the Grand (Jacquie had stayed there several times for high school forensics competitions and what-not). It was pretty nice, extremely expensive and strangely colored (peach and green don't really do it for me). But overall it was a fine time away from the rigors of life.

Amsteroid wrapped a couple of weeks ago. It was a good experience and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it. As long as I get good reel material out of it, I'll be happy. Speaking of reels, I've been working on Jacquie's for the last couple of weeks and should have it posted on her website before too long. Then it's on to getting back in shape and getting new headshots, dammit.

Finally, we're looking forward to October and the Thriller Chiller Film Festival out in Grand Rapids. Rumor has it that Weenie Roast Massacre will be completed in time for the festival! Ye gods! Also, Mark France's Beyond Midnight will be screened, and even possibly True Extremes. It would be great to be represented in three of the films in the festival, that's for sure. More info on the festival as I learn it.


July 27, 2006

Howdy. I'm back from Philadelphia where we had a fairly disappointing weekend. Our hotel was just across the parking lot from new Citizens Bank Park, which was nice, and Friday night's game was exciting. It's a nice park, but not even the best in Pennsylvania, as Dennis and I both agree that PNC Park in Pittsburgh is the finest in all the land. After that, the bumming out began. Saturday's game was rained out, and rescheduled for sometime in September. Bugger! And then Sunday's game time was changed from 1:05 to 8:05 for TV purposes. Screwed! Since our flight back was at 6:00, we got boned all around. We attempted to sell the tickets but didn't have any luck. We've learned a valuable lesson: Philadelphia ain't all that great. We had cheesesteaks at Jim's on 4th & South downtown, and they were good, but not "Oh my gosh, I must have one every day of my live long life or I shall perish" good. Verdict: We now understand why Philadelphians are so angry.

I had my first two days of Amsteroid this week. It's a professional set housed in a warehouse in Ann Arbor. Half of the warehouse is cordoned off as a giant blue-screen set, and that's where 99+% of the movie will be shot. The director, John Higbie, and his DP, are a veterans of Hollywood special effects, so they're planning on applying all of their knowledge and skills to the post-production process on this one. I'm learning a lot about blue screens and layers, plates and composites, and I would love to sit and watch them edit. Too bad that won't happen. It's cool though, as there are several crew members I've worked with before, including a bunch of guys from 21 Carbs. I've got two more days of shooting over the next two weeks and then it's all over.

Speaking of all over, we've only got one more day of shooting on True Extremes this Saturday. No more fillet o' feet; this week I'm simply handcuffed to a toilet. Happy days are here again!

All my love,

July 18, 2006

We just finished a killer (literally) weekend of shooting True Extremes, a film by Jason Buchanan in association with Loose Change Entertainment. It was long, hot and special effects laden, but it was a very successful weekend. Click here to see some proof!

Next week I start shooting on Amsteroid. I now have 4 days on set (2 more than planned), as the writer/director has added an additional character for me to play. The new role is quite funny and involves some physical comedy, while my original role is very dry and acerbic. So it will be fun to play a couple of different characters and get paid in the process.

I'm off this weekend to Philadelphia with my friend Dennis for our annual baseball weekend. It's our 9th year, and we'll be seeing the Phillies and Braves in the new Citizens Bank Park. Never been to Philly, so we're definitely going to hit Geno's for a cheesesteak.


July 5, 2006

Hello, all! Hope you had a jolly good Independence Day and its associated weekend. I knocked out a bunch of projects around the house and even completed one high-tech project that's been looming over my head for ages: I finished my reel! Well, version 1.0 anyway, but I'm ecstatic that I got it done. Many thanks to my lovely wife for her assistance in slicing the thing down to a manageable 4 minutes. It will surely be a living document, but I ask that you check it out and hit me with your feedback. All comments are welcomed. And then it's on to slapping Jacquie's reel together. Dammit, we're going to look professional if it kills us!

All the best,

June 24, 2006

Howdy, my dearies! Today saw the grand opening and grand closing of Polar Opposites as part of Heartlande Theatre's Play-by-Play, and I must say, it went smashingly (or is it swimmingly?)! It felt good to be back on a stage again, that is, doing something other than singing in a band in a smoky bar. Hope you were able to be there and enjoy a day of good, fairly clean, theater!

I want to alert you all to a few other things going on in my life. A while back I wrote that I was auditioning for a movie called Amsteroid, a sci-fi feature that actually pays! Well, I did get cast in the flick; I'm to play the lead bad guy's receptionist, a nice smarmy role for a guy with an e-mail address of! That shoots sometime from July 24-August 18 in the Ann Arbor area. Also, I'm in a short film called True Extremes, a movie that is being co-produced by Loose Change Entertainment. In this one, I will be stretching to play a bigshot LA entertainment attorney. It shoots on weekends in July. So I should be able to enjoy myself for a few more weeks, at least.

I have also been cast as one of the leads in Matt Pearson & Tom Mansell's Cold Dead Hands, which was supposed to be shot this summer. However, due to equipment problems and other gremlins, the project is on hold until next spring. But that will give me a chance to really hit the weights and bulk up beyond all recognition. Sweet!

Finally, I want to point everybody to the trailer for Beyond Midnight, the short that Jacquie and I shot with Mark A. France back in April. I think Mark did a fine job with it. And of course, the finished product will be even better.

Have a great summer. KIT/BFF! See you in the fall!

June 19, 2006

Greetings, fair reader. Not much time, but I thought I'd drop a short note reminding everyone of Heartlande Theatre's Play-by-Play this Saturday, June 24. I am performing in Jacquie's play Polar Opposites, which will be performed at Meadowbrook between 1:00-1:50 and again from 6:30-7:20. Tickets are only $5 for each 50 minute block, or you can watch the whole day (12 noon-12 midnight) for $40, or half the day for $25. Hope to see you there, good people!

May 30, 2006

Well, I received an interesting note out of the blue late last week. Seems the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame is putting together a display comprised of Michigan sports-related songs through the ages, and they want to include the comedic parody numbers of Curious Jack! How about that? First, there's a photo of us in Detroit Sports Broadcasters on the Air, a book published in 2003 (check page 54). And now our material will be featured in the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. Pretty dang cool for a bunch of songs we never got paid for (Gregg Henson, you mammoth tightwad!). Why not visit the Curious Jack site and get reacquainted with our material? Not all of it is sports-related. We have addressed some other pressing issues of the day, such as euphemisms for body parts and a proposed dancing law in Michigan. Find out what's made us hall of famers!

May 16, 2006

Just a quick little note here, friends. Those of you who read Jacquie's blog know that she recently was diagnosed with a form of cervical cancer. Well, praise the Lord and thanks to your prayers, we found out today that it's not actually full-blown cancer, but a severe cell abnormality that can lead to cervical cancer in 65% of the cases. So it's treatable and she should make a full recovery. Yahoo! To celebrate, we went out and got ourselves a puppy today! Yes, a brindle-colored male Cairn terrier, 8 weeks old, lovable as a teddy bear (or a puppy). The thought of being a parent is a little freaky but we have until Friday to prepare ourselves. Wish us luck and Godspeed!

Cinco de Mayo, 2006

Salutations, gentle reader. I thought I'd take a moment on this most sacred of Latin holidays to update you with my ruminations and occurrences. The good month of May holds two milestones this year: 1) Jeff & Jacquie's 1st wedding anniversary, and 2) Jeff's 35th birthday. Holy cow, you say. I must agree. Should be a good month, regardless of my advancing age. Fortunately the first wedding anniversary theme is "paper" (who decided these things?), so it's not rocket science to figure something worthwhile to give to my lovely wife!

Exciting news on the Love & Plutonium front. The Memphis Drive-In in Cleveland, in association with our friends at Twisted Spine, will be screening our award-winning film on Thursday, May 18, as part of their double-feature digital drive-in experiment. That's right, Love & Plutonium on the big, big screen! Alert all of your acquaintances in Ohio that the blockbuster of the season is near!

Had Cold Dead Hands auditions last Saturday. According to Matt and Tom, they had a fairly light turnout, but those who did make it were solid. I auditioned for Terence, the left-winged vegetarian pacifist wannabe filmmaker. It will be a great role if I get it. Tomorrow, Jacquie and I are auditioning for Amsteroid, a futuristic script being shot in Ann Arbor. The novel thing about this indie is that it pays! Imagine that!

After auditions we're heading to the zoo where they are having pet adoptions. We are kinda sorta possibly thinking about getting a dog (something small that doesn't shed much), so we'll see what the pickings are. We've actually already been vetted and approved by the internet miniature pinscher adoption group, and one of the puppies visited us on Thursday. He was cute and all, but we're not rushing into this. We're still young, we need to make sure we're prepared to become parents!

Getting ready to start rehearsals for Polar Opposites, Jacquie's short play that's part of Heartlande Theatre's Play-by-Play on June 24. Maggie Patton and I play a penguin couple, which should be a nice change of pace from Justice Kitten and Hank! Make sure you get out to Meadowbrook and see Play-by-Play this year. It's 12 hours of rollicking good theatre; our hour has even been deemed family friendly and is supposed to be featured on WWJ. If that doesn't give us street cred, then I don't know what else we can do.

I will chat at you soon, my margarita-swilling lovelies!

April 23, 2006

Hello, gentle reader. It's been a long day of nursing a hangover and cleaning up the house after our housewarming party yesterday. It was a great success and we were blessed to have close to 100 people under our roof (and on our rainy patio) at various times throughout the night. It's really the first major party we've thrown (besides the wedding reception, I guess), and we were pleased with the result. We went through a ton of food and probably 8 cases of beer, not to mention the Mike's Hard, Smirnoff Ice and Zima products. I think our new fire pit was a hit as well. At least we burned up everything in sight, combustible or not. So thank you to all who attended, showered us with gifts (which we thought we explicitly forbade on the invitation), and warmed our house. We love you!

Matt Pearson and Tom Mansell (of the Matt Pearson and Tom Mansell movie team) were both at the party last night, and Matt surprised us with a rough cut of a scene from Probejackers. It featured Mr. Mark C. Holden and myself, and I'm going to throw it on the pile of clips to use in my reel once I actually get off my butt and do it! The scene was cut together nicely, by the way, and I guess Mark and I weren't too awful. And speaking of Matt and Tom, they've now got a web site up for Cold Dead Hands. Check it out. Auditions are next Saturday, and all the info's on the site.

Last Thursday I received an unexpected package in the mail, from the "Billboard World Songwriting Contest". I remembered entering Sometimes Love Goes Boom in the contest last September, but that's the last I heard until now. Well, it seems that out of supposedly thousands of entries, my song received an "Honorable Mention" as one of the top 500 songs in the contest. Not sure how scientific that is, but I guess it's an honor. For my trouble I received a certificate suitable for framing (and made out to one "Jeff Priscorn", thanks a lot), a set of acoustic guitar strings, and a sweet pair of Blublocker sunglasses. I understand the strings, but what in Himmel do Blublockers have to do with writing songs? And these things are just hideous, let me tell you. They are currently residing in my garage, and I may pull them out one day if I'm running my chainsaw or something, but never, ever if I even suspect someone is watching.

Jacquie's gone all week on a Brainstormers tour in squalid Joliet, IL. It will be a quiet week, so if you want to drop by and help finish off the housewarming beer, feel free. Then comes the weekend, and The Undone has gigs on Friday and Saturday. Check the site for more info.

Later, pals.

April 14, 2006

Well, life remains good for me. Last week I shot an industrial video for DaimlerChrysler. Yesterday I recorded a voice over spot for Omni Community Credit Union, which will air on the west side of the state. And then as I was leaving work, my good friend and agent Tony at the iGroup called and said to hold Monday on my schedule because they want me for a coffee shop TV spot (which will shoot in Grand Rapids, BTW). Ever hear of Beaner's? Me neither. But I guess I'm huge on the west side. They must have loved my work for Talk America!

More and more it feels like the Lord is edging me out of the software business for good, and into something I actually enjoy doing. I talked a bit with Wayne Murphy, the director of the DaimlerChrysler thingie, about moving into the production biz too. One way or another I'm going to end up doing what I love. Of course, the other side of the coin is that my "real job", Access IT/Hollywood Software, just gave me an unexpected and sizable bonus this week. Curses! Why must they play with my loyalty so?

Looking forward to the auditions on April 29 for Matt Pearson and Tom Mansell's new feature project, Cold Dead Hands. It's gonna be a mega-zombie epic! And lots of fun with artillery!

Oh yeah, in case you didn't notice, I've uploaded a few of my radio commercials to the Voice Demos page. Just keep in mind that they're copyrighted, etc., etc. Don't report me and I won't report you for all your music downloading and stuff. Deal? I'm going to work on getting my TV spots and/or a demo reel up sometime soon as well.

Happy Easter, my lovelies!

April 4, 2006

Last weekend we wrapped Mark A. France's new short, Beyond Midnight. Four good, long days and I think we got some good stuff, reel material if nothing else. I had the pleasure of being bludgeoned to death with a hammer by my wife on Sunday. Go here for more pix. We shot almost exclusively at Ken & Melissa Clark's house in Roseville. Great people. Ken does special FX, makeup, sculpts, creates Halloween masks, and a lot of other stuff, including cook. In fact, he and Mark France are going into the FX business together.

Had my first day of shooting on the Daimler-Chrysler industrial today. I had an 8 am call, which is earlier than I normally get to work. Ah, the price we pay to live our dreams! Anyway, it went well, and I'm back on Friday to wrap it up. It's nice having the afternoon off today. I am thoroughly enjoying it right now. Too bad it's so barking cold out. And too bad it's so expensive to live in California. Additionally, too bad that I am just a wuss.

If you haven't seen my band The Undone lately, then you really should. We miss you. Really. Anyway, we had a fine debut in Ferndale a couple weeks ago, and we're still doing the bi-weekly thing at O'Tooles in Royal Oak. Next date there is Tuesday, April 11. Check the web site for all the other dates and venues, as I'm feeling lazy right now. :)

March 23, 2006

Yee haw! I'm back from Houston (technically Spring, TX) and I'm happy to report there were no Brokeback Moments™ (not for Tony's lack of trying)! We had a fine St. Patrick's Day at a bar called The Stadium, though I do not recall consuming any cabbage and I only had one green beer. Carnalea sounded pretty good playing our Irish and classic rock standards, especially given the fact that we play together about once every two years. We were ably assisted on sound and guitar by Gary Hale of the band Diverzion, a true Renaissance man by any definition. This guy was amazing: very talented guitar player, near-pro bowler (eight 300 games), scratch golfer, and a mechanical engineer to boot. We couldn't have met a nicer guy and if you're ever looking for a sound man or a great band in Texas, he's your fella!

This weekend we begin shooting Mark A. France's new short, Beyond Midnight. I have to admit I've been quite lax about learning my lines, not that I've had much free time or anything. That is my task for the rest of the night, as well as figuring out my wardrobe. It shall be another interesting experience. I need to start charging for the use of my camera...

I had another successful auditioning experience last week Wednesday, with a callback last Monday. It was for a Daimler-Chrysler industrial, a diversity training video of some sort. Well, I found out today that I've been cast as Jack, the focal point/lead role in one of the vignettes. It's two full shooting days in the first week of April. I'm very excited, and I'm guessing I will be working with some familiar faces as well. I was also blessed in that my boss gave me those two days off, no questions asked!

Finally, don't miss my band The Undone all around town. Friday night we make our debut performance at Dino's Lounge in fabby Ferndale, and next Tuesday we continue our bi-weekly gig at O'Tooles in Royal Oak. We are playing at more centrally located venues than ever before, so you have no excuse not to come by and say hi one of these nights.

March 4, 2006

Howdy, dear reader. In case you've been watching your TV this week and scratching your head saying, "Gee that looks a lot like the guy that runs that aptly named web site,, but it couldn't be because the guy on TV is too good looking," well, you'd be half right. Yes, my Talk America commercial is finally airing on this side of the state. Enjoy it while it lasts. I know I will! We just got TiVo last Sunday, and Jacquie was alert enough to TiVo my commercial early Monday morning. Kudos to her! Now I just need to figure out how to convert the TiVo format into something I can post on the web.

I've got a couple of new projects coming up this month, including a trip to Houston to play with my Irish band Carnalea on St. Patty's Day weekend. This should be interesting, as our bass player Tony (my erstwhile partner in Curious Jack) is flying in from California, and the rest of us will be attempting to rehearse leading up to our departure. Anyway, if you're going to be in the Houston area for St. Patrick's Day, stop by the Stadium in Spring, TX, and say hi!

The other project is Mark A. France's new short, a sequel to Midnight of the Mind called Beyond Midnight. Jacquie is reprising her role from Midnight, while I will be playing her new paramour. We will be shooting on the final weekend of March and the first weekend of April. It will be another fine opportunity to pad the reel (which I will make later this year, I swear!) and gain ever more filmmaking experience and contacts in the industry. Rock on.

My band The Undone continues to play out and get tighter. Our next night at O'Tooles in Royal Oak is March 14 (and March 28), and it might feature up to 5 people! Our drummer Erick is talking about getting an acoustic ("cocktail") drum kit and joining us, and Dave Dion from The Brian Schram Band asked if he could join us on acoustic bass! This Royal Oak thing is getting big, and we couldn't be more excited, especially as spring approaches and the crowds grow ever larger.

February 20, 2006

Hello again, my good friends. I wasn't planning on only posting one update per month, but apparently that's how 2006 is starting off. Jacquie and I are all moved in to our new house in Troy and very busy with all the joys that a new house brings. It's feeling more homely every day though, if you know what I mean. Kinda reminds me about how my mother described me in my early years...

Auditions have been pretty slow so far this year, but today I got a call from Janet at Affiliated with the news every actor loves to hear: "Are you available for a voice over on Wednesday?" "An audition?" I inquired. "No, a job" was the response. Yee haw! It's a Talk America gig; I guess they were happy with my work in the TV spot I did in August (that's only airing on the west side of the state, so none of my family members have seen it and don't believe I was in it). So I will be sneaking away from the office at lunchtime to record my spot. Hope they don't miss me!

My band has settled on a new moniker: The Undone. We felt Hose was just too ambiguous. :) We are playing acoustically at O'Tooles in Royal Oak every other Tuesday; our next date there is February 28. We've got an electric gig at Skorz in Sterling Heights this Friday, February 24. Come by and say hello. Tell them the Talk America shill sent you!

January 15, 2006

So, it's been a while but that doesn't mean I've been slacking off. Jacquie and I have sold our house in Berkley and purchased one in Troy. These are very exciting yet very anxious times, as I'm sure you know if you've ever moved. We've got a basement full of boxes stacked to the ceiling, with more to be packed. We should have possession of our new place a week from today, so don't expect to hear much from me after this missive either!

The Gimp Bros. (Mike Chovich and I) are beginning a weekly acoustic gig at O'Tooles in Royal Oak, starting Tuesday, January 24. Come on out and join us for a good time; otherwise, what else do you have to look forward to each week?

P.S. Come to think of it, O'Tooles may be billing us as Mike & Jeff from Hose rather than the Gimp Bros. Either way, we will be there starting January 24!

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