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Bright lights in Shelby Township
Resident finds success in show business in her own backyard.

The Source & Advisor - April 23, 2004


She's worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and Jacquie Floyd has done it all close to home.

The Shelby Township resident first began acting when she was a child. Her parents wanted to find a way to help her overcome her shyness, but at the same time bring out the dramatics she often displayed.

"It was just a matter of getting that out," Floyd said. "I really had fun with it and continued to do it."

After graduating from Ford II High School in 1993 and spending a year at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas - a school renowned for its theater program - Floyd enrolled at Oakland University and became a theater major.

She met Jeff Priskorn while working at a children's theater and the two became fast friends. Priskorn had recently begun filming the movie "Arbor Daze," with his friends and business partners at Loose Change Entertainment LLC.

Dan Corrigan, John Kerr and Priskorn all met while attending a film class. The three began "The Loose Change Show" in 1996, a sketch comedy show that was aired locally and internationally, even making an appearance on the United Kingdom's "World's Weirdest Television."

"At the start and today it's been about being in front of the camera and behind the scenes, being different characters and creating insane characters," Priskorn said. "It's a good artistic outlet for us."

Priskorn introduced Floyd to his friends and soon she was cast as "Rachel Butler" in "Arbor Daze." The movie was shot entirely in southeast Michigan with local talent and crew.

"We try to focus on local talent as much as possible," Priskorn said. "There is a wealth of talent in the area and they are dedicated people. Right now there is just no need to look any further."

The movie was written by the three founders of Loose Change Entertainment, and the cast and crew celebrated the world premiere on Arbor Day 2003. The movie is now available to purchase on DVD and VHS.

The company's next feature film, "Love and Plutonium," was written by Floyd and Priskorn, and is currently being edited for its premiere this summer. The film features a superhero story with characters such as the evil genius "Dr. Milo Medlo" and his loyal henchman "Hank," played by Priskorn. Other characters include "Justice Kitten" and "Little Liberty," played by Floyd. With the help of plot twists, the good and the bad must come together to save the world ... or the jobs of superheroes and evil geniuses everywhere.

"It's good to not have to be yourself all the time," Floyd said. "When you act, you get to live someone else's life for a day."

Floyd has experienced that on and off camera. Over the years, Floyd has written several plays, including "Glass Slipper Size 8 1/2," which debuts in New York on May 27; "Not Quite the VFW," which opens in Ann Arbor on May 20; and "Love Shackles," which recently opened in Los Angeles.

"I once heard and I believe that if everyone learned to be somebody else, there would be no more war, because everyone would know what it was like to be in another person's shoes," Floyd said. "Even when you play a villain, you have to find the good in them or it just won't come out right."

Currently Floyd is working with Loose Change Entertainment on its third feature film, "Weenie Roast Massacre," written and directed by Kerr. The premiere is currently slated for the summer of 2005.

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