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Local film is quirky but rare and worthwhile

The Daily Tribune - June 17, 2005


A song about a grown man living in his mother's basement is the inspiration for Loose Change Entertainment's latest feature film "Love & Plutonium."
And while the song "Living at Home" by Calif.-based comedy band Throwing Toasters lends an upscale feel, the genre of basement filmmaking is fully evident in this effort.
Don't misunderstand.
Basement doesn't necessarily mean bottom of the heap.
Director and co-screenwriter Jeff Priskorn spins an original tale of comic book villainy, an aging superhero and two loyal sidekicks around the universal theme "sometimes love goes BOOM."
And though watching the film at times requires perseverance due to its lengthy scenes, awkward camera angles and inconsistent sound levels, its story is strangely compelling and sweetly accessible to the end.
Consistent performances by local acting talents Nate Topie (the mad scientist Dr. Medlo) and Meghan Vigeant (the loveable receptionist Holly) are fearlessly supported by co-author Jacquie Floyd (Little Liberty), Maggie Patton (Justice Kitten) and director Priskorn (Hank the Henchman).
But what is a true pleasure to watch is the surprisingly entertaining performance of Mark Holden as the evil Dr. Medlo's mother.
With tongue-in-cheek humor and a bold, refreshing presence, Holden is sure to keep the audience hollering for more.
Growing pains aside, independent local filmmaker Priskorn lends authenticity and spark to this comedy of love, loyalty and evil laboratories.

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