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March 2008

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

As mentioned previously, LCE has submitted their many films to a new local "film festival". And we've just learned that two of your favorite indie films, Love & Plutonium and Weenie Roast Massacre, will be playing in a double feature on Saturday, April 12, on the first day of the "festival". Here are the details:

Saturday, April 12
Premier Center Bowling
33151 23 Mile Rd.
Chesterfield, MI 48047
Doors open at 6 pm
Movies start at 7 pm
$10 for all movies
Food and cash bar available

There were many people who could not make it out for the Weenie Roast premiere back in November, and now's your chance. Also, we haven't seen Love & Plutonium on the big screen in a few years, so why not see how well it's stood the test of time! Jebby and I hope to see you there.

Love (and Plutonium),

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed that Love & Plutonium still has legs! I entered it in another film festival last week. The Feel Good Film Festival seems right up our alley (I know I felt good when we wrapped production)! I'll keep you posted if there's anything to keep you posted about.

Also, I submitted a DVD to a guy in Detroit who is starting up his own ongoing film festival. Supposedly he's going to begin showing all sorts of indie films at a theater in Chesterfield Township every Saturday starting in April. More details on that too as they become available. Jebby also sent the guy Arbor Daze and Weenie Roast Massacre. Viva LCE!

Love (and Plutonium),

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