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August 2007

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Say thankya, I beg,

We are proud to announce that Love & Plutonium will be available for sale at on Tuesday, September 4. We are very excited to add another independent film retailer to our stable of distribution (it's also available at, and - DVD and TiVo!) Our online presence continues to grow!

Hopefully, so will our presence on cable TV. We are meeting next week with Good News Television in Southfield about airing both Love & Plutonium and the bizcom pilot we shot last fall, Incorporated. Jacquie and I will be doing an on-air interview, and if all goes well, our stuff could be aired later this fall.

We won't forget you when we're big and famous, if you promise to do the same! :)

Love (and Plutonium),

Friday, August 3, 2007


Well, Love & Plutonium played at the Origin's Gaming Convention in Columbus, OH back in July. Unfortunately due to our extremely busy summer, Jacquie and I were unable to attend. However, through some vigorous web crawling, we have found what passes for a review of the whole experience. A couple who apparently had a booth at the convention blogged about the experience, and here's what they had to say about our little film:

"Today Tedd closed up the booth for me so I could make a screening of an adorable little indy movie called Love and Plutonium. It was a fun superhero spoof - sort of a very low budget Mystery Men. I enjoyed it."

View the entire context of the blog here, and feel free to send your thanks and comments their way!

And now for my continuing mantra: If you haven't seen our now twice-awarded film, what are you waiting for? You can purchase it online here, or it is now also available for sale at

Also, Love & Plutonium is now available to download to your PC or TiVo at! Click here for details and to order. Looks like you can't swing a dead <insert vermin of choice here> on the web without running into our movie these days! Good times!

Love (and Plutonium),


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