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December 2006

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Greetings, Suburbiavillites,

It's been months since I've last communicated anything to you, and that's because not much has been happening here, at least vis a vis Love & Plutonium. But today, my lovely wife Jacquie was trolling the web as is her wont, and she stumbled across a mention of our movie on a list of the best Superhero Movies! Strange, very strange. No idea whose list it is, but our movie comes in at #43, amongst the likes of Superman and Spider-man! Very curious, but very cool to have someone out there consider our movie fairly worthy!

And we are still working at finding others who find our film worthy to distribute as well. A new site,, has contacted us about some online distribution opportunities. I've submitted the film to them and we shall see what happens. Keep on believing, my friends!

Merry Christmas to all,


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