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May 2006

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Friday, May 5, 2006


Greetings, denizens of Suburbiaville! Read below for the official press release regarding our screening at the Memphis Drive-In in Cleveland! Tell your friends and your Ohio relatives. Do it today!

### Films
P.O. Box 361282
Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Phone: 440-238-5023

Digital Drive-In Experiment Part 2 To Be Held Films will present The Digital Drive-in Experiment Part 2 to be held on May 18, 2006 at The Memphis Drive-In Theatre, 10543 Memphis Avenue, Brooklyn, Ohio. The Digital Drive-In Experiment is a venue for presenting independently produced films.

The film that is being screened is Love & Plutonium produced by Loose Change Entertainment. The movie is a quirky comedy with superheroes. It won the 2005 Micro Film Fest Award for Best Feature. Admission is only $10 per car. Gates will open at 8pm with the feature starting at dusk. The Digital Drive-In Experiment Part 2 is being held simultaneously with The Cleveland Museum of Artís screening of the Boris Karloff thriller, Targets which will be showing on an adjacent screen. There is a separate admissions fee for that event. Films is a Cleveland, Ohio based group that produces and promotes "quality films made on a shoe-string budget". The group has produced four feature films during the past five years. Their current feature, Murder Machine! is scheduled for a summer release. Besides The Digital Drive-In Experiment, annually presents its Micro Film Fest, dedicated to independent films produced for budgets of $10,000 or less. The group has been featured in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Scene Magazine, Artist Review Today Magazine, Scarlet Street Magazine and other publications.

For information:
Contact: 440-238-5023


Your humble director,


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