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March 2006

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Greetings, old friends,

Yes, it has been three months since I've posted in this space, but I guess that's what happens when your movie hits its high water mark and then slowly begins its fade into obscurity. Or something. Actually, Jacquie and I still love the movie, we've just been busy since December, when we sold our house in Berkley and bought a new one in Troy. We've been moved in since early February, working on making it feel more homely, er, homey. We've pretty much accomplished that for now, at least inside. Once it warms up, it's my chance to shine out of doors for the whole neighborhood to see! You know me...

Big news for the movie arrived this week, when I was contacted by our friends from Twisted Spine in Cleveland. Last fall they experimented with showing one of their own indie films at a drive-in down there (yes, apparently Ohio is even more backwards than we thought!), and it was a moderate success. So coming Thursday, May 18, they are having another event at the drive-in. It's called the Memphis Digital Drive-In Experiment, and they will be showing Love & Plutonium, plus a couple other indie films. From what I know, tickets are $10 for however many movies they end up playing. So if you have friends or family in northeast Ohio, or just feel like skipping work on Friday, why not take a trip to the Memphis Drive-In in Cleveland and see your favorite movie on the big, big screen! Any opportunity to keep our beloved film in the public eye is great, and we're very happy with the friends we've made at Twisted Spine. I promise to keep you posted on any new developments with this event.

Finally, if you're interested in any of our personal news, including the new band and me being on TV, feel free to navigate on over to and Enjoy!

Happy belated New Year,


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