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October 2005

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The profile of our lovely movie continues to grow, good people of Suburbiaville! Love & Plutonium is now listed on the Internet Movie Database (finally)! This is great news for everyone involved, from Loose Change Entertainment all the way down to the smallest cast and/or crew member (that would probably be Melissa Zinn, height-wise at least, with my lovely wife running a close second). Anyway, the more listings we have on IMDB, the easier it is for everyone to add their new projects in the future. So I'm thankful we were able to get listed. I hope everyone enjoys their own little actor page. Upload your headshot. It's fun! (And only 35 stinking dollars, which you can conveniently write off at the end of the year.)

We are also reinvigorated about the film festival circuit here at the Floydapalooza HQ in Berkley. We've entered 6 more festivals in the last week, and sent the DVD out to 3 web sites that review indie films. Should any of this activity reap benefits, you will of course find out about it here.

There's also a new online forum to discuss all Loose Change Entertainment projects. There are threads for trivia, drinking games, movie mistakes, and whatever else you might want to discuss about Loose Change Entertainment's three feature films and our long-running sketch comedy show. Make your presence known, will ya?

Rock on,

Tuesday, October 4, 2005


First things first: if you haven't already read my account of our win at the Twisted Spine "Micro" Film Festival, you can read it all here.

Winner - 2005 Twisted Spine "Micro" Film Festival - Best Feature Film

Now, onto more news. Hoping to capitalize on the momentum of our film festival win, Jacquie and I have been painstakingly scouring Withoutabox (an online film festival clearinghouse) and other internet sites looking for film festivals, publications and sites to review the movie, and possible distribution deals. Rest assured we're peddling the movie as hard as we can. We're even working on getting the DVD on Netflix! We've sent out 4 DVDs in the last couple of days, and I still have a stack of about 10 more festivals and web sites to go through. As developments occur, I will most assuredly keep you posted in this space. 

Speaking of exploitation and mass marketing, Love & Plutonium is now available as a free download from Kaneva. That's right, FREE! Kaneva is a new web site that contains all kinds of cool movies and other forms of video, including Love & Plutonium, Arbor Daze, and even some archived Loose Change episodes. If you've been hesitant to buy the DVD, watch it first online for free, then get the DVD for all the extras! Thanks to Jebby for discovering Kaneva and taking the time to get all this footage up there.

Rock on,


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