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August 2005

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


A few months ago, we came across a cool superhero and independent movie themed web site called We decided that they would be a perfect outlet for the movie, so we sent them a DVD. Well, just today they have posted a synopsis/review of the movie. Check it out here! The review is near the bottom of the page. Any publicity is good, and this is definitely good!

We've also been able to get the "Mama's Boy" trailer added to, home of the most comprehensive movie trailer archive on the web. Our presence continues to grow. To quote Queen (and why not), "Don't stop me now!"

As things continue to happen with the movie, you can always check the Press and Links pages to find out where we've been mentioned in the news or on the web. Just an FYI.


Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Greetings, my lovelies,

Just a quick note to alert you to the fact that Love & Plutonium now has a listing on! Thanks to partner and pal John F. Kerr, strings have been pulled and we're now up there, just like a real movie should be. More info will be posted as they allow us. For now, I'm just excited that it's there at all!

Watch out, IMDB, you're next.

I have also posted a few photos from our screening in Oxford last Saturday, just to prove we were actually there.


Sunday, August 7, 2005


Well, we held the second screening of Love & Plutonium yesterday at the Goodrich Oxford 7 theater. It was during the "Celebrate Oxford" festival, at 9:15 am. Early, yes, but according to previous years of the festival, a fairly busy time to be in downtown Oxford. Nate Topie was a publicity dynamo leading up to the event, posting flyers and handing out hundreds of passes in the Oxford area. Unfortunately, the weather was too nice and the turnout in the movie theater was fairly minimal, but those where were there seemed to enjoy the picture. Independent movie screenings are usually hit or miss (except for the premieres), and this one can be chalked up in the "miss" column. We live, we learn, and we'll screen again someday. Perhaps at the Roseville Theater, where we also screened Arbor Daze a couple of years ago.

(Ed. note: It was just discovered that the time listed in the Oxford newspaper was 9:15 PM! Really. We are considering suing the pants off that idiotic publication. Dammit!)

Nate did grace me with a few more press clippings from newspapers in the Oxford area of the state, including the long-awaited final column in his series of four. I've scanned and posted them on the Press page.

We've also entered another film festival, the Twisted Spine "Micro" Film Fest. Hopefully the movie will catch the right eyes at the right time and things will start happening.

With love,


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