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February 2005

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello Plutonium heads,

Yes, my posts are getting sparser and sparser, but that's to be expected when 1) the movie is almost done, 2) Elixir is playing all over the place, and 3) we're planning a wedding. There's little time for anything else around here. But, I do have good news to report. After a few weeks of setbacks due to scheduling conflicts and what-not, Jacquie and I were finally able to meet up with Katie Held and listen to her soundtrack creations. And we were floored by what we heard! Yes, we are excited! There's some great stuff in there, especially the "love themes". Can't wait to put them into place and complete our unholy creation! And that's the plan in the next couple of weeks: get the music in the movie and finish this bugger.

I'll keep you posted, I promise,


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