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January 2005

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Greetings, long-lost Love & Plutonium junkies,

Yes, it has been over a month since I last posted, and I'm just getting a single January posting in under the wire. I couldn't let January be a completely sterile month, now could I?

The second phase of color correction is done, Jacquie and I have re-recorded some crucial voice-overs, the credits sequences have been tweaked, and a rough version of the ambient soundtrack is complete and ready for our review. That's the progress in a nutshell. Jacquie and I are planning to meet with Katie our soundtrack artist next Saturday (February 5) to review her work and go from there. I'm also starting to think about the DVD authoring, though it's still in the thinking phase at the moment.

(What follows is for you techies out there.)

OK. I have four different DVD authoring software packages installed on my machine: Ulead DVD Workshop, Sonic ReelDVD, Sonic Scenarist, and Adobe Encore. I've used Ulead for burning the rough edits of Love & Plutonium, as it's easily the simplest of the four to use. Now, for the Arbor Daze DVD, I used Ulead, ReelDVD and Scenarist at various times. But the final (gold) version of the DVD was created using Scenarist, which is the software lots of the Hollywood DVDs are created with, as it's easily the most powerful. The problem with Scenarist is that it was extremely difficult to learn, and in the 2 years since I authored the Arbor Daze DVD, I'm sure I've forgotten pretty much everything I ever learned. Therefore, at this point I'm working through the Encore tutorials, as I've never ever used Encore before. But it's supposedly integrated well with Premiere and After Effects (which as you may know I'm also using to edit the movie), so I figured I'd give it a shot before I decided to return to the abyss of Scenarist. I want the Love & Plutonium DVD to be a step up from the Arbor Daze DVD--I want subtitles and an audio commentary track. I know I can do both with ReelDVD and Scenarist, and I'm pretty sure I can do it with Encore. It's just a matter of which one I can learn/relearn the quickest. Please send any comments on the preceding section to

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Fire up the PR machine, 'cause we're a-comin',


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