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November 2004

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yo yo yo,

Yes, it appears that I am only finding time to update the site on national holidays lately, so it's a good thing we are in the midst of a glut of them. Not much to report, fairly boring stuff for those of you looking for juicy tidbits. I am in full on color correction mode. I've got about 50% of the movie color corrected and tweaked as I type this. So moving along pretty well, I think. The biggest pain is that there are so many things I'm doing to each clip that the size of the movie project file in Adobe Premiere is over 80 Mb and growing with each minute I complete! This means that it's pretty slow going even though I have a fast machine with lots of memory. Oh well. It's only going to get worse as I keep rendering and outputting the finished product. And when it comes time to dump it onto a DVD, lawd hep us! Thankfully I'm working from home, so I can start up a render in the morning, switch over to my work computer to make some money, and periodically check on the progress throughout the day.

Our soundtrack artists are finding time here and there to compose their killer aural textures. Hopefully right as we start the new year, I'll be able to start plugging in their compositions. I'd say a February premiere is still in the realm of possibility (but don't quote me on it). With the wedding growing inexorably closer, it will take some fine time management to get it all in order. But it's gonna happen. 2005 will be the year of Plutonium!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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