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October 2004

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Saturday, October 30, 2004


This will be a short entry. If you are reading this, it means that I am most likely still editing the movie. I thought I'd update you on the editing process. I have made all the (appropriate) changes that were suggested during the rough edit viewings, and am now in the process of audio tweaking and color correction. I'm probably about 20% through with the audio tweaks, and about 12% through with the color correction. That is the killer, because color correcting is such a subjective science. But we will finish, I promise you this. Then all that's left is the soundtrack, and I trust Katie and Glenn are still hard at work on that!

Tonight is Noelle's big party to raise funds for charity and her 2 movies next year. Should be a good time. Then Jacquie leaves on tour with the Brainstormers all next week, and the week after that I'm heading out to California for work. When, oh when, can I start my Christmas shopping? 

Happy Halloween,

Monday, October 18, 2004

To whom it may concern,

I'm very excited today, if a little sleep-deprived. I'll start from the beginning. Over the weekend, Jacquie and I took a trip to the Stratford Festival to view Noises Off. It was well done and funny, though not as laugh-out-loud funny as you might have expected (well, at least as I might have expected). We had good food and as providence would have it, Meghan Vigeant (our very own Holly) was there with her boyfriend and a bunch of theater cronies from Siena Heights, so we met up with them for food and drinks after the show. Yes, the theater world continues to grow smaller and smaller. Remember that the next time you consider pissing somebody off!

After our short little vacation was over, Jacquie and I were then called to the set of an independent movie to shoot several scenes in a grocery store. The movie is called 21 Carbs, part of a trilogy called Tragedies. Anyhow, I was called to the set at 8:45 pm, and Jacquie was called at midnight. We both got there at 8:45 and proceeded to wait. I didn't start shooting until after midnight, and Jacquie didn't start her scene until after 3:30 am. So, for those of you who pulled the all-nighter on Love & Plutonium last November, realize this: It happens to everybody! It's always good to see how other filmmakers run a set, however, and these guys were very good. Big crew, knew what they were doing. They shot on a Panasonic DVC Pro 50 camera, a very high quality digital camera. It is something that I would sacrifice dearly to obtain for future movie projects. Just beautiful. I mean, my Panasonic DVX100 is a fine prosumer camera, but this thing is broadcast quality. Shoots native 16:9 aspect. And they had the good fortune of hiring Lon Stratton as their DP. Lon Stratton, who owns Stratton Camera, the largest camera and film equipment rental store in Michigan! Damn people with better connections than me! So, where was I? Oh yes, so we finally wrapped about 5:30 am, hence my lack of sleep.

<brief aside>
Over the weekend, I was ruminating that it was exactly a year ago that we began shooting Love & Plutonium. How about that, huh? I was also remembering that we were blessed with much nicer weather last year than this year had to offer. Just a walk down memory lane there...
</brief aside>

The final piece of excitement was awaiting me when I got home early this morning. Our amazingly talented artist Sid Redlin had sent me the final cartoon drawings for use in the movie. Trust me when I say they are gorgeous. But why trust me? Check them out for yourselves on the Artwork page. They are going to add so much to the look of the movie. Incredible!

Finally, if anybody is looking for something to do on Friday, October 29, Elixir is throwing a Halloween party to benefit the family of a Warren police officer. Prizes, food, drink and good music can be yours for $20. Check out the flyer here. Hope you can make it!


Wednesday, October 6, 2004


Just a brief update to alert you to the fact that another new movie trailer has been added to the Trailers page. This one is called "Welcome To Suburbiaville", and it's kind of a postcard of the great community of Suburbiaville. Hope you enjoy it. And of course, let me know what you think.

The music bed for this new trailer is another original composition by Glenn Poorman (see previous diary entry for more info on Glenn).


Monday, October 4, 2004


Well, it's October, and nearly one full year since we began on the grand journey of creating a movie called Love & Plutonium. You've all been super patient and understanding, and I appreciate that. I don't need any more pressure, OK!

Anyway, to celebrate the one year anniversary (or thereabouts), I have posted 2 brand new movie trailers to the Trailers page (where else?). I've also updated the original teaser trailer as well. All were created with all my new software. I'm starting to get the hang of things, especially the color correction and manipulation portions. So, these new trailers have been color corrected and have been run through Magic Bullet, which is an After Effects plug-in that helps make digital video look more like film. I am planning to create one more trailer, and then get back to updating the movie based on the suggestions we received from the first rough edit viewing. Tell your friends!

And now for some background on the music in the trailers. The music bed in the "Mama's Boy" trailer is a song called "Living @ Home" by Throwing Toasters. This is the song that inspired Jacquie to write a screenplay about an evil genius who lives in his mom's basement. The music bed in the "Hard Times" trailer is an original composition by Glenn Poorman, who will be contributing to the soundtrack. If you don't know what a Chapman Stick is, you had best check out Glenn's other web site!

A word of advice: for best quality, I'd recommend viewing the Windows Media version of the trailers. Trust me. Even you Bill Gates haters. For file size to quality ratio, you can't beat Windows Media (at least at the settings I've tried).

Let me know what you think, or even just say hi. Why don't you ever call?



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