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June 2004

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Monday, June 28, 2004


Life is progressing nicely, and it truly feels good to be engaged. You never know until you try it, but I am certainly pleasantly surprised!

Last night, after finishing a long but sunny weekend of shooting Weenie Roast Massacre, Jacquie and I were able to convince David Prouty, our WRM co-star, to do some shemping for us. (Shemping, in case you don't know, is a Raimi/Campbell-esque term meaning "to use another actor in place of the real actor".) Anyway, we found we needed some various shots of Dr. Medlo purposefully walking the streets at night, shots which we neglected to capture during the real shoot (doh!). So we put Dr. M's lab coat on Mr. Prouty (who, to our relief, has roughly the same build and hair color as Nate Topie. I assume that their similarity of build is only from the waist up, of course!) Dave (a helluva guy) did a bunch of walking for us and we got what we needed. I'm about to capture the footage and plug it in where necessary as soon as I finish with you here. Be sure to check out the Photos page frequently for more frame grabs of newly completed scenes.

I've also begun adding some soundtrack music to the completed scenes. One of Chris Scheidel's bands, Mobile Terror Unit, is contributing a rocking instrumental to our opening credits, and Superhero (fronted by Phil Pirkola who played our New Karaoke Host) is contributing an appropriately sad tune to Dr. Medlo's forlorn montage (which is quite hilarious in its own right). More music is in the offing, as I have written a song for my band Elixir, which I hope to use in the closing credits. And the comedy band Throwing Toasters has agreed to let us use "Living @ Home", which is actually the song that inspired Jacquie to write this movie in the first place!

So as you can see, I'm quite busy. Sorry to be so short with you, but I gotta run!


Friday, June 18, 2004


OK, first off, it's time for a major announcement. Astute readers may have caught my reference to me being a "more committed man" in my last diary entry. Well, part of the fun of our recent Vegas trip involved me proposing to Jacquie on her birthday (she did eventually say "Yes"!). I know a few of you might be thinking to yourselves, "Well, finally!" To you I say, "Back off."

Here's how it happened: I wrote a six page script, filled with comedy, car chases and several of our cutesy-couple inside jokes. When we reached our hotel room, I borrowed Katie's video camera and told Jacquie that I wrote a sketch and Jebby wanted us to shoot an on-location skit for Loose Change. But the caveat was that it had to be a cold reading. No peeking to see the ending! So we read through the script and at the end I produced a stunning platinum ring with an enormous diamond (you may note that I am employing some poetic license here) and asked her to be my wife. Her exact words were, "Shut up! Shut up! Are you serious?". I assured her I was, and I guess that's the moment that we became officially betrothed. The whole thing is on video, so expect to see it on Loose Change some day! No date has been set, but the plan is to finish this dang movie before we get hitched. So you do the math.

We've thrown together a little video announcement and it's been posted to the Trailers page. Thanks to Nick Szczerba for the idea! You may notice that Love & Plutonium footage has been cleverly incorporated into the clip. Well, to me it was clever.

Enough of that, let's get to some L & P news. I wrapped up another basement scene with Dr. Medlo and Holly. That puts us close to 55 minutes of rough edited footage. The elusive 1 hour mark is within reach! Check out the Photos page for some stills from the scene.

Weenie Roast Massacre is cooking along. We shot some grisly corpses and a party scene last weekend. This Sunday we are shooting a football scene in Lansing. If you want to be an extra, go to the Weenie web site for details. It will be fun to strap on the football gear once again. Some of my best memories from high school were on the football field. But we never had cheerleaders, especially like the hot ones we will have on the sidelines on Sunday! Perhaps that will also be an incentive to come and be an extra.

And Elixir has a full weekend as well. We are up at The Aspen on Hall Road both Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 9:00. Drop by if you're in the area, maybe I'll buy you a beer (but probably not). Don't you know that the band doesn't buy anyone anything? We get the freebies, you get the rocking!

Jacquie (Little Liberty) and Mark C. Holden (Mrs. Medlo) are performing in a play directed by Maggie Patton (Justice Kitten) this Saturday at Oakland University. It is during Heartlande Theatre's annual Play by Play, 12 hours of short plays. If you get a chance, go check them out too. Support the arts, you slackers!


Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Yo yo yo,

How's everyone doing out there tonight? All right? We are here to party down now! OK, super, that's great.

Jacquie and I (and others) were in Vegas last week, celebrating hers and my brother's birthdays. I had a fine old time, didn't lose too awful much, burned up in the 110+ degree heat, and came home a more committed man, if you know what I mean!

Finally got a chance to knock out another coupla scenes. I wrapped the video store scene, and it's a hoot. I also finished the "very dramatic" outdoor scene where Hank and Little Liberty hide from the bad guys from the bar. Check out the Photos page for some stills from those scenes. We now have over 51 minutes of completed footage for the first rough edit. But dang, how the time (on the calendar) is flying!

We start up the Weenie Roast Massacre shooting again this weekend, after a 3 weekend layoff for the holidays and some Elixir gigs. It will be good to get back into that groove as well. The web site is looking better every day, so check it out!

I'm singing at my friend Pam's wedding this Saturday as well, so I'm off to a rehearsal (not THE rehearsal). I'll be thinking of you all!

G'day mates,


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