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May 2004

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I finished one new scene since we last spoke. The video store scene looks good, and it's hilarious. I hope you like it as much as I do. So now we're up to almost 50 minutes completed. Slowly but surely onward and upward. Check out the Frame Grabs section of the Photos page for some new photos from that and other scenes.

Elixir has 4 shows this holiday weekend, all out at Jack's Waterfront in St. Clair Shores. Should be a fine weekend, so come on out and give me a holler, or something. 

Happy birthday to me (almost),

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Word y'all,

Life is good in my world. We just completed another phenomenal weekend shooting Weenie Roast Massacre up at the Griffin estate in Mason. We killed another 5 people, in new and creative ways. For proof, visit here to see photos of our exploits. There are currently 4 WRM photo albums available. Thanks to Beffalicious for snapping these stills. Enjoy!

On Thursday, Elixir begins a marathon of 7 shows in 10 days. Check out the Shows page. There is no excuse for you not to make at least one of these earth-shattering gigs!

And now, for some quick Love & Plutonium news. I wrapped up another 2 scenes last night. Again, for proof, check out the frame grabs section of the Photos page. I'm about to begin on the video store scene, which should prove to be quite hilarious, as Dr. Medlo and Justice Kitten are in top comedic form.

More news when events warrant...


Sunday, May 9, 2004

Greetings, dear reader,

Things continue to move along in the offices of Love & Plutonium Inc. I'm editing whenever I gets me a free moment. We are now about 43 minutes into the movie. It just keeps getting kookier and kookier! Up next is the video store scene where Dr. Medlo is accosted by Justice Kitten. We shot this on our second day, in case you were wondering.

Sid Elliott-Redlin, our wonderful artist, is working on a stack of 10 or so drawings for a coloring book we are going to use for some extra "post-production photography". I have received a few drawings today, in fact. They look really cool! I always love seeing things we've created become cartoons. It seems like a rite of passage or something for becoming cool. Anyway, if you see Sid, tell him that he rulez! I have posted a few of his drawings on the Artwork page for your consideration.

I have scanned in the print version of the newspaper article on us came out last Sunday. You can view it on the Press Clippings page. It's got a photo of Dr. Medlo and Hank that wasn't in the online version.

About 10 new frame grabs have been added to the Photos page too. These stills are from the scenes I've recently completed. FYI, the frame grab photos are in chronological movie order, if that helps at all!

Also, none of you has wondered how our trip to California was last week. Well, thanks for asking. We had a great trip (if far too short). We spent an afternoon at Universal City Walk with Kris and Austin, saw Jacquie's favorite professor Karen Sheridan in Late Nite Catechism (which was very funny), and chilled (or warmed) in Tony & Kris' hot tub. They've got a great house up in Valencia. You should see it sometime. So like I said, far too short, but very enjoyable. 

Finally, we had another fine day of Weenie Roast Massacre shooting yesterday up in Mason, MI. It seemed like we might get frozen and/or rained out early in the day, but the good Lord brightened up the place for us and we shot until dusk. We had two gruesome deaths yesterday, so thanks to Will and Julie for their patience and fortitude. And thanks to Mark France for some wonderful bloodletting. (Man, I hope the FBI doesn't see this page. I could be in big trouble for writing about this kind of stuff if it's taken out of context!)

Have a May Day,


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