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April 2004

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Greetings, Lovers,

We're still smokin' our way through the editing process. Another couple scenes are completed, and I'd have to say I'm getting close to 50% through with the rough cut. Woo hoo! They always say it's the first half that's the toughest. At least I hope so.

Anyway, a new newspaper article on us came out last Sunday. Check it out on the Press Clippings page. It's accurate for the most part. But then again, when is any kind of press coverage completely accurate? I know!

Jacquie and I are headed out to California this weekend. We're going to visit Tony, Kris and Austin, perhaps see a screening of the most awful movie ever made, The Forbidden Zone, and do whatever else comes up. Wish us good flying!

Au revoir,

Monday, April 19, 2004

Hello, Newman,

Yes, another week, another missive from me. I've just completed the first big bar scene, about 4:45 in length. It's the one where we meet Luvah Boi for the first time. Pretty funny stuff. Gotta do some audio tweaking on it due to the (apparently) crappy alternate mic we were using on our second camera, but it should be fixable, and with soundtrack underneath, you shouldn't notice it at all. But why am I telling you all this and giving away priceless filmmaking secrets? I don't know. Could be fatigue. Or maybe I just want you all to like me. Yeah, that's probably it.

I've added several new screen grabs from the aforementioned bar scene to the Photos page. Tell your friends!

On another movie note: We had a very successful weekend shooting Weenie Roast Massacre in Croswell. We worked long and hard, but we ate well, got along famously as a cast and crew, and put together the makings of a cool movie. Our cabin drama was resolved and we were able to use the location we were initially planning on. And it was truly the perfect cabin. Dead animal heads and Navajo rugs hanging from about every wall and exposed timber. What's not to like? We finished up Sunday night around 8:30 and got home in time for me to be in bed by midnight. Not that I actually did, but I was home in time for it, if the desire struck me.

Oh yeah, Go Wings and Go Pistons!

Hello, Jerry,

Monday, April 12, 2004


Well, I've finished another couple of scenes: the first alley scene with Hank, Justice Kitten and Little Liberty; and another basement scene. I'm now hard at work on the first Secret Hideout Bar scene. Fun fun fun!

Jacquie's been at it again, scanning in a bunch more still photos from our voluminous photo albums from the shoots. I've swiped more of them and they're all up on the Photos page. New screen grabs from completed scenes have been added too. Enjoy.

Preparing for our first on-location weekend for Weenie Roast Massacre too. I'm going to have to miss my best badickey friend Bill's bachelor party on Saturday because of it, but as an actor, I truly must sacrifice in order to get in touch with my character. Or something. We're currently having our first Weenie crisis as well. The cabin we were supposed to be shooting at is now unavailable. I don't know the whole story; you're going to have to ask Jebby all about it. So if you have a cabin we can use this weekend, please contact him!

Good night,

Saturday, April 3, 2004

Wassup y'all,

We been clean kickin' it all week, yo, and we down wit' some fresh movies and s**t! We had our first day of Weenie Roast Massacre shooting on Wednesday. Check out the official site for some photos from that. Good stuff. And I finished another coupla Love & Plutonium scenes this week, about another 6 minutes worth of footage. So we's chillin' ever so slowly, with about 24 minutes complete. Still waiting for someone to finance my early retirement from software so I can expedite this process! :)

Check out the Photos page as well; I've added more frame grabs from scenes I've completed. 

Springin' and all,


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