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March 2004

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Word, my brothers and sisters,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've almost completed another scene (the second basement lab scene). This one's going to require some decent color correction between the wider and closer shots, but all in all, it's looking good. I really need to quit my job so I can actually work on this movie like it needs to be worked on! If anyone wants to finance my "sabbatical", drop me a line! :)


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Heidi-ho good neighbors,

It's been another fairly productive week in Plutoniumland. I've pieced together part of the opening credits, where Holly walks to the Medlo house to return the wallet. I've also completed a Hank in the Henchmobile montage, and the scene with Hank and Solitude (Noelle) at the Secret Hideout Bar. I tweaked some of the graphics in the Dick & Bob scenes as well. All in all, I've got about 13 minutes of the movie edited (in a rough fashion).

I'm currently working on the aptly titled "Scene 5", where Hank confronts Dr. Medlo in the lab and Holly interrupts their chat. One thing I've got to say, our DP Mr. A. E. Griffin was nothing if not thorough (and thank goodness for that!). I've got about 30 different takes from different angles to use to piece together this 4 1/2 minute scene. I'm currently going through all the footage for the scene and making my little editing notes so I can piece it all together. Woo hoo!

I've grabbed a couple more frames from the scenes I've completed and posted them on the Photos page. Keep an eye on the Movie Frame Grabs section; it will continue to grow and expand!

Cya l8r,

Sunday, March 14, 2004


After more than 10 hours of work on Saturday, I finally knocked out a rough edit of the first Dr. Medlo basement scene. It amounts to 4 minutes and 45 seconds worth of video. Holy COW! That's about 1 minute of movie time for every 2+ hours of editing. I guess this is why more people don't make feature-length movies! Of course, this is one of the longer scenes in the movie, with close to 50 edits in this version. But really, it's cool to see "the vision" start to come together. There are some audio issues that will need to be ironed out later--minor issues related to the volume and room tone captured by the in-camera mic (for the wide shots) and the directional shotgun mic (for the closer shots). But it's nothing that can't be addressed, so don't worry! I'm hoping to hit a couple of smaller scenes today and just take it easy.

I have posted another new outtake video clip on the Trailers & Clips page. It may be a little risqué for our younger viewers! Also, I added a couple more frame grabs from the first Dr. Medlo basement scene to the Photos page. Man, Holly is just ever so cute, isn't she?

We had a very successful Weenie Roast Massacre read-thru/audition on Thursday. Good turnout, good auditions. I believe Jebby is planning on having casting done this weekend, so if you auditioned, watch your e-mail for updates.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Greetings, one and all,

It's been a fairly slow week around these parts, at least in terms of finding time to do some major L&P work. I've created a "Miscellaneous Stills" entry on the Photos page, which contains scanned versions of some of the still photos that Greg took for us. Jacquie did all the scan work, and I just swiped the best of the best from her web site. We have 2 huge photo albums of stills from the production, so unless someone wants to scan them ALL in for me, you'll just have to take them as they come, all right? :)

I also added another outtake clip to the Trailers & Clips page, just to keep you all interested! I have started working on the first laboratory scene; hopefully I'll be able to finish a rough version of it by Sunday. It's about a 5 minute scene, so there's a lot of work to be done.

We've got a Weenie Roast read-thru/audition tomorrow night. Sounds like we'll have a good turnout. Check out the teaser trailer on the web site. Good stuff!

Bye for now,

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Hi kids!

Yes, I realize it's rare for you to get more than one posting from me per week, but I'm feeling strangely generous and motivated. Must be the moon. Yes, as you may have seen on the Front page or the News page, our first movie, Arbor Daze, has been chosen for screening at the WKTV 30 Frames Film Festival out in lovely Grand Rapids, Michigan. Obviously, it's a smaller festival, but it's still cool to be chosen and be in the running for an award. Just think, if we can do it with Arbor Daze, imagine what we'll do with Love & Plutonium!

On the editing front, I have completed all 6 Dick & Bob scenes. It's about 6 minutes of footage. I had some fun with them, adding a couple non-scripted title card gags. I'm happy with the background images I used for the green screen/chroma key. Hopefully you Studd Lite fans will especially appreciate the final scene! (I love being vague, don't you?) Now it's on to the meat of the movie. I'll probably start with the opening Dr. Medlo & Holly scene in the basement and then go where the wind takes me.

Weenie Roast is gearing up. We've got another read-thru planned for next Thursday. The script is in good shape and we are now just in turbo pre-production planning mode. I'm glad Jebby is bearing the brunt of the planning on this one. I don't think I'm quite ready to be a director again only a few short months after L & P wrapped! However, I suppose if we were getting paid for it I could find the strength somewhere deep inside me.

Oh well, enough about me,
I am Jeff


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