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January 2004

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Monday, January 26, 2004

Holy crap, is it nasty out or what? Global warming, my @$$! Well, life's been good lately. We had a Loose Change shoot last Wednesday (our first in several months). Our comic friend Rob Little was there. We banged out about 6 skits so that we can have enough footage for a new show to appease our biggest fan. You may know him better as Mrs. Medlo!

I've got all the footage on my computer (finally!) and it's all in good shape. I still have to break up 5 tapes into their component takes, and once that's done, it's time to slap a movie together! I will be fairly close to my stated goal of having the footage sliced up and ready to edit by the end of January. I'm surprised and yet heartened by that turn of events.

Our cartoonist, Sid Elliott-Redlin, has delivered us a first draft of the movie poster. Man, this guy is good! Check it out on the Artwork page. Sweet!

Oh yeah, our own Little Liberty (and Love & Plutonium scribe) has received word that a play she wrote, Not Quite The VFW, will be produced at the Hillsdale Community Theatre. Congratulations baby!


Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Love & Plutonium post-production room. I now have 25 of the 26 tapes of footage captured to my computer! Thanks to a week of fairly crappy weather which caused some meetings and gigs to be canceled, I had some time to commit to this most arduous of tasks. Of course, I still need to break up each hour-long capture into the individual scenes, but now at least I can return Dan's holy Canon Optura to him, so that he can prepare for the birth of his and Addie's first child in February. Rumor has it he wants to have a live webcast of the birthing process. I'm sure Addie's all fired up about that!

Also, we've been working with an artist friend of Jacquie's, Sid. He is developing cartoon drawings of the main characters for use on movie posters and other promotional materials. He may also draw some artwork for us to use for some insert shots and/or transitions in the movie. How cool! I've posted some early drawings on the Artwork page. Obviously these are not the finished products, but check it out anyway. I think it's quite phenomenal!


Monday, January 5, 2004

Ah yes, Happy New Year, loyal readers! Yes, the holidays were a joyous time around the Priskorn household, filled with gifts given and received and lots of relaxing time off of a most detested job!

I had several days to begin tackling the problem of rogue footage again. Tapes 9 & 10 (from shoot day 5) seemed to be quite ornery. I captured both tapes from both the Panasonic DVX100 (which we shot on) and my older JVC GR-DV2000 (which we shot Arbor Daze on). Both tapes exhibited intermittent jumps, sound problems, pixellation and artifacts. Many theories arose to explain these problems, but none of them did much to actually remedy them. Then came the fateful New Year's Day. I wandered on over to Dan's house and picked up his Canon Optura DV camera (which also shot parts of Arbor Daze). I figured since the footage from the Panasonic was 90% unusable, but the footage from the JVC was about 75% usable, that perhaps a third camera would offer some kind of miracle panacea for the footage. Unfortunately it took me a couple of days to actually get around to testing this "theory", but when I did...

(cue "Hallelujah Chorus")

The footage that was captured from these heretofore offending tapes was captured flawlessly when played on Dan's camera. Amazing! So I get to throw away all of my Plans B-Z and actually use the footage as we shot it. So yes, dear reader, I am a joyous and thankful person to begin 2004. Now that I'm about halfway through capturing the tapes (this doesn't count the 8 tapes of documentary footage, of course--that's for Jebby to mold into several Loose Change Crockumentary episodes!), I'm going to set a public goal here and now to have all 26 tapes captured and broken into scenes by the end of January. If I wasn't in a band, this might be a simple goal to achieve, but I am. And we play the next 3 weekends, which is my only chance for free time. But I'm always up for a good challenge. So keep me honest!

Of course, then once I have all the footage on my drive, I have to learn the new features of Adobe Premiere Pro! But that's another column.

Oh yeah, one other thing... We've finally been able to get (our first movie) Arbor Daze listed on! Just think how much easier this will make it to get Love & Plutonium listed!



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