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December 2003

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've had a busier than usual week. We played 3 gigs, plus rehearsing, recording, real job... but you don't want to hear about that crap. You want to hear about the MOVIE!

OK, so principal photography is complete! We finished day 10 of shooting on Friday, December 12. We knocked out all of the Dick & Bob sportscaster scenes in about 3 hours. It was a good time. Green screen. Fun fun fun! And fortunately the Teen Room where we shot had plenty of diversions for the rest of the crew whilst we were shooting. I believe it was Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the lead pipe. Does anybody even know what a conservatory is? Sounds like an environmental whacko thing to me!

So anyway, now that principal photography is (basically) complete, I need to really buckle down, use some good ol' American ingenuity and know-how, and knock out the capturing process. We ended up with 26 tapes of footage (63 minute tapes), so unless my 'rithmetic is all screwy, we've got approximately 26 hours of footage that will eventually need to be culled down into an Oscar-worthy 1 1/2 hour movie. Good luck on that one!

I just received a shrink-wrapped version Adobe Premiere Pro (purchased off eBay for 60% less than retail!). Hopefully it will crash a little less than Premiere 6.5 (which was obtained from Kazaa). Hmm. I wonder if there's a connection? I'm also considering purchasing Adobe After Effects, but I'll probably wait on that until I've at least got a rough cut of the movie.

I'm still working on tapes 9 and 10 (Dr. Medlo's bedroom lab). These tapes are obviously bad stock, as there is pixellation and bad sound intermittently throughout them. And we thought it was because we took the camera outside in 30 degree temperatures that caused our tape problems. Well, since the footage that's partially screwed up was shot 8 hours earlier than that, I'm lead to believe that it is the tape stock that is responsible, and not condensation on the tape heads, as was the previous hypothesis. I think I'm going to be able to salvage them though. Thanks to Tony's relentless pursuit of multiple angles, we should have enough coverage to make it all work. I may end up recapturing the first 8 tapes as well, as the documentation for Premiere Pro states that its algorithms capture colors from tape truer than older versions. This may just be marketing BS, but I suppose I'll try recapturing a few minutes just to see if mine own weary eyes can detect any difference.

And with that, I bid you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 7, 2003

We had 2 good showings of Arbor Daze this week. It was fun to watch it again, as I hadn't seen it since our April premiere at Emagine. We had decent crowds for a no-budget local indie, with about 25 people on Wednesday night, and 40 people on Saturday afternoon. It's cool when people laugh at your stuff (in a good way)! We even had several of the Love & Plutonium cast show up. Hopefully it gave them hope for what we can do with Love & Plutonium, rather than making them flail about in futile agony. :)

Gonna continue capturing footage and slapping together some rough cuts of scenes this week. Band gigs are taking up all my free time right now! But that's OK, since band gigs pay.

Happy shopping,

Monday, December 1, 2003

Dan and I are heading up to the Roseville Theatre tonight to test out our newly-burned Arbor Daze DVDs with their projection equipment, to make sure there are no surprises on Wednesday for the big premiere! If you get there early enough, you just may get to see teaser trailers for Love & Plutonium and Weenie Roast Massacre. Why on earth would you miss that? It's going to be very interesting to see what kind of a non-Loose Change turnout we get. We handed out about 500 postcards and we're listed in the Free Press events section, plus I'm going to get Stoney & Wojo to plug the premiere tomorrow on the air (how's that for pull, huh?).

See you in Roseville,


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