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Love & Plutonium's Entry at the Internet Movie Database
Cast and crew now have full credibility thanks to

Loose Change Entertainment's Online Forum
Discuss all LCE projects, ask questions, post trivia and drinking games, etc.

Watch Love & Plutonium Online at
Download and watch Love & Plutonium for free

Watch Love & Plutonium Online at
Download and watch Love & Plutonium for a few bucks

Love & Plutonium's Listing on
We're seeking distribution, and here's a good place to start

Love & Plutonium's Listing on
Our online presence is growing!

Love & Plutonium's Listing on
New York Times, baby! Thank you for calling MovieFone...

Love & Plutonium's Listing on
View a L&P trailer on the web's most comprehensive movie trailer archive site.

Love & Plutonium's Listing on Superheroes Lives
L&P is listed on this site about superhero movies!

Love & Plutonium's Listing on
You can rate L&P in their vast movie database (Arbor Daze too!)

Loose Change Entertainment
The sketch comedy show that started it all

Arbor Daze
The environmental horror comedy film from LCE

Weenie Roast Massacre
The new horror film from LCE (in post-production)

Midnight Of The Mind
The psychological thriller from Sandstorm FX & Productions (in post-production)

The sci-fi adventure comedy from Tom Mansell and Matt Pearson (in production)

A dramatic short from Maggie Patton (in pre-production)

Trevor Lork
The dark comedy from Noelle LaPrise (in production)

Twisted Spine
A cool indie production company out of Cleveland. They also host a film festival, at which Love & Plutonium was awarded the "Best Feature Film"!

Jeff Priskorn's web site
Love & Plutonium director and co-writer

Jacquie Floyd's web site
Love & Plutonium co-writer

Jeff's rock band

Curious Jack
Jeff's comedy band


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