Curious Jack
Stories from Palooza's Pantry

Who is this man Palooza, you may ask? Well, it's just another alter ego of your friend Phruity, who is, in turn, Jeff. Got it?

Please feel free to devour these tasty morsels of useless, uninspired and undesired wit.

J. Palooza
The author, Mr. Palooza

Disclaimer: Reading some of these stories may cause the reader to become gravely despondent.

Short Stories

Clive's Kangaroo Burgers

Understanding Liam

Billy's Colossal Bubble

The FedEx Messiah


News Reports

Local Man Enjoys Serendipity of Finishing Jar of Mayonnaise on Day It Expires

Students See London, France, No One's Underpants

Big Star Admits He Doesn't Like The Beatles

Area YMCA To Institute Step-Aerobics Program

Local Man Lies About Having "Big Plans This Weekend"


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