Curious Jack proudly presents...

Our song of support and encouragement to our beloved, yet woefully inept Detroit Lions,

2-14 Or Bust!

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The Story Behind the Song:

They aimed high and yet came up short of a history-making season. That's right, our beloved Detroit Lions are so bad that they can't even stand out among the dregs of mediocrity! Everyone would have remembered an 0-16 year, but a team with two wins... how very pedestrian. But still, somehow, this Lions team became a healing salve to the country, after the tragic events of last September. Jay Leno got laughs left and right at their expense. E-mail Lions jokes (I'm sure you've heard them all) were flying non-stop.

My daddy once told me that once a goal is in sight, never stop working until you achieve it. And as that prescient statement applies to me as an individual, so it applies to the Lions as a team. They had a chance for immortality this year and failed. But that doesn't mean that they can't go right back out next year with their eyes on the prize. With some intense dedication and unwavering commitment, next year it could very well be 0-16 or Bust!

P.S. My daddy also told me to measure twice, cut once, but I didn't think that really applied here.

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