Curious Jack proudly presents...

A cautionary tale to any opponents of "America's Team", from your loving mothers,

Mommas, Don't Trust The Refs When Your Sons Play The Cowboys

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The Story Behind the Song:

You saw it. I saw it. Even President Obama saw it. But for Lions fans, we shouldn't have been surprised, for this is the "Same Old Lions" syndrome (SOL for short) that we've suffered through for years uncounted. Yes, the Lions got screwed, jobbed, boned, fleeced, insert synonym here; by the referees, the Cowboys, and the "respected" organization that is the NFL. So much so that the league called to apologize the very next day. But does that relieve the shame of 1 playoff victory in 57 years? Not hardly. So we offer up here a few words of warning for mothers of football players everywhere.

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