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Old News

Well, that whole crazy Dixie Chicks phenomenon just won't die, will it? So we've decided to pile on as well. Listen to our new long-distance dedication to those Dixie Clowns here.

I'm sure you must have heard all about the stink Martha Burk and her women's organization is raising about August National not permitting female members. Well, we're sick and tired of silly, misdirected protests like this, so we've decided to lampoon Ms. Burk (are we sure she's a woman?) in song. You must check it out here.

We've just completed a brand new song. Oh, you want to know what it's about? Well, as you may have heard, there's a new law being proposed in Michigan that will basically put all strip clubs out of business. So, we felt it was our civic duty to protest this new law in song. Check it out here.

Jeff wrote a brand new song for his honey for the Christmas season, and now you get to hear it too! Read all about it and listen here.

In addition, 4 songs from Elixir's gig on December 20, 2002 have been posted, plus a 5 minute demo. Listen up here, and for gosh sakes, if you're a bar owner, book us now!

We've got 2 brand new Stoney & Wojo theme songs. We just love these guys! Check out the new themes here.

We performed at Stoney & Wojo's 5th Annual Radiothon for Leukemia and Lymphoma, on Friday, June 28. We played three Stoney & Wojo theme songs (Doors version, YMCA version, and South Park), plus "Bye Bye, Mr. Role Model Guy" and "Randy". Check out some video of our performance here, and some nice photos here. We had a blast, and as always, were amazed and humbled at the dedication of the entire WDFN staff to, as Stoney says, "Kick leukemia's butt!"

Our slashing and scathing parody song, Randy, is featured on WDFN's charity CD, called "Parodies and Poop". The CD includes funny bits from the Jamie & Gregg morning show, as well as some wonderfully humorous songs, not the least of which, of course, is ours. You can pick up the CDs at Harmony House and the WDFN website.

We done went and got ourselves mentioned in the Detroit News! OK, so we're not mentioned by name, but our "slashing" version of Barry Manilow's song Mandy (which we called Randy) is, within the first three sentences of the story! Read all about it here. Must be Stoney's star power that landed us this big break! :)

A new Acting page has been created, to allow Jeff to shamelessly promote his acting and voice skills. Also, don't miss the new photos of Jeff on the Photos page!

They aimed high and yet came up short of a history-making season. That's right, our beloved Detroit Lions are so bad that they can't even stand out among the dregs of mediocrity! How sad, how very, very sad. Anyhoo, we've composed a lovely new ditty, 2-14 Or Bust!, that should cap this season very nicely. Give it a listen or get more info here.

While the rest of America was enjoying a relaxing Labor Day holiday, Tony & Jeff were busy recording 2 new songs. Listen to our new Stoney & Wojo Theme, or get more info here.

But that's not all: We've also finished a song that's been too long in coming. It's a song the Jacks co-wrote with Stoney himself. It's a demented love song to our favorite general manager, Randy Smith! Give it a listen or get more info here.

A new story has been posted in Palooza's Pantry.

To be a Pistons fan lately means to embrace losing and lottery picks. But now we have the opportunity of a lifetime: to sign Chris Webber. Therefore, we've written a little number that is sure to convince him that he should move back home. Give it a listen or get more info here.

Being that St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays, we recorded one of our lamest Stoney & Wojo themes to date in honor of the Irish. Give it a listen or get more info here.

Our good friend Wojo had surgery earlier this year. We felt it was our duty to show him the love he so richly deserves, so we wrote him a song to welcome him back to the Stoney & Wojo Show on WDFN. Give it a listen or get more info here.

We now have a 3-song demo of cover songs. Listen to them on the Covers page or at a bar or club near you very soon!

We have "settled" our band naming dispute with Coca-Cola. That is to say, the behemoth corporation Coca-Cola threatened us enough that, with as little money as we make, it was not worth fighting anymore.

Therefore, the boycott is on! Please do what you can to tell "The Man" that we won't stand for his heavy-handed tactics, and boycott Coca-Cola products. Show your support for the working band that cares about you!

We recorded a new holiday theme song for the Stoney & Wojo Show on WDFN. Give it a listen or get more info here.

New photos have been posted on the Photos page and the Band page.

We have a new, timely, cutting edge poll question. Tell us what you think right here.

Did you happen to see the Tyson/Golota "fight"? We did, and we were appalled! So listen to our ode to Andrew Golota here! Also, don't forget to check out the rest of our songs on the Parodies Page.

You voted. We listened. Check out the results of our band name poll!

A special note of congratulations, well wishes, and reluctant goodbyes goes out to Brian "Slava" Lambert, Stoney & Wojo's wonderful producer, who is moving on to bigger and better things in Seattle. Thanks for everything, Slava!

We played at Rick's American Cafe in East Lansing, MI back in August. It was a phenomenal experience, for both us and the crowd. We played from midnight until after 2 a.m., and the place was packed! Hopefully we'll be back there during the school year, and we may be playing in Ann Arbor as well.

We've added a new Mailing List to our web site. If you're interested in being kept abreast of the latest Curious Jack news, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up.


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