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Welcome to the official Curious Jack web site, Curious Jack are Detroit's funniest song parody writers, and we're a pretty darn good cover band as well. You may know us by our former name, Phruitopia, but we had to change it, thanks to the insolence of the Coca-Cola Company. It's a long story, you don't want to hear it... But suffice it to say, we still exist, we're stronger than ever, and knowing that you are visiting our web site right now is bringing a smile to our collective faces!

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Enjoy your stay. All the important stuff is in the news below...

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Latest News: May 29, 2015

Jeff had the pleasure of appearing on the Ken & Tom Show podcast last night, and part of the conversation turned to back when Curious Jack was formerly known as Phruitopia. This lead to the frivolous and ridiculous story of receiving a cease & desist letter from the Coca-Cola legal hounds, because somehow fruit beverage drinkers were being confused by our misspelled name and the fact that we were not (and still aren't) in the beverage business. So just for kicks, here's the letter itself, you know, for posterity. Enjoy!

Also, as referenced in the letter, here is the "disclaimer" we used to have on our web site:

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the wonderful drink Fruitopia, produced by Coca-Cola, Inc. If you were looking to quench your thirst and are now very angry with us, please don't sue. We are poor. Thank you!

Well now, doesn't this just take the cake? It's been over 8 years since we've seen fit to release a song, but the boys of Curious Jack are finally back with a new one! This time it's in honor(?) of our beloved Lions getting screwed by the refs, the NFL, and everyone in between. So please, ladies and gentlemen, give a listen to Mommas, Don't Trust The Refs When Your Sons Play The Cowboys, won't you?

Holy moly and heaven forfend! Curious Jack has a new song! Since it's that time of year where thoughts turn to love and another 10+ loss season for the Lions, we are proud to present Fire (Matt), our prayer to William Clay Ford this holiday season.

Everything's still quiet in the Curious Jack camp of late, what with Tony being in California and all. But Jeff is still busy as a beaver, or some such simile. Why not read all about his exploits on his official web site.

Jeff & Jacquie are engaged! It happened in Vegas and it's all on video. You can get all the details here, including a link to their video announcement. Gifts are appreciated! :)

Well, my partner in crime, Tony, has moved out to California. Job and all that. So Curious Jack's output is obviously bound to slow down for the foreseeable future. We all wish him, Kris and (my godson) Austin the best. However, should the inspiration strike us, distance is no object, not with the internet and our finely attuned minds! But I guess now's the time to start thinking about writing for the Jim Rome show, eh? Onward and upward!

Curious Jack has 2 songs featured on WDFN AM 1130's new charity CD, The WDFN Old Bit Brigade. The songs are 2-14 Or Bust! and Good Riddance (To The Corner). You can purchase the CD at metro Detroit Best Buy stores for $11.30.

In addition, it's been brought to my attention that Curious Jack is featured in a photograph in a new book, Detroit's Sports Broadcasters on the Air by George B. Eichorn. Check out page 54 or click here to see the photo in question. I don't remember being contacted for permission to use the photograph, but that's an issue for our lawyers to pursue, if you know what I mean!

Jeff & Jacquie have written a movie, a romantic superhero comedy called Love & Plutonium. Principal photography has been completed, and it is currently in post-production. Read about the movie and stay current with everything going on at the official movie web site,

Jeff's got a new cover band together, a separate entity from Curious Jack. The new band is called Elixir. We're tight, we're raucous, and we're playing out all over metro Detroit. You don't want to miss one of our legendary gigs, so keep posted here for more info.

Jeff's real and true professional voice demo is complete. Check it out at

Phruity's got some brand new telemarketer terror calls on Phone Calls page. He should probably get a job or something, don't you think?

Finally, check out the Links page. It's got links to all kinds of stuff that the Jacks are involved in, including Jeff's just-released movie, Arbor Daze!

Old News

WDFN, Detroit's Fan

Check it out! You've probably heard us on the Stoney & Wojo Show on WDFN AM 1130 in Detroit. Stoney & Wojo is Detroit's #1 afternoon show! In fact, we have done two versions of the Stoney & Wojo Theme Song, with more to come. Tune in between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and listen for one of our themes at the top of the hour!

We have been branded "The Official House Band of WDFN"! Thanks guys! It's an honor and a privilege!

Thanks to Stoney, Wojo, the Gov and the other jocks at the Fan for playing our stuff! Thanks even go out to Matt Dery, the renowned Curious Jack hater!

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