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Below are some links to other web sites you might enjoy, that is, if you've enjoyed your stay with Curious Jack. If not, then you need to check your pulse and find a @#$%^& sense of humor!

More Stuff We Like

Stay up to date on the production of Love & Plutonium, the new movie written by Jeff and Jacquie and produced by the Loose Change gang

Arbor Daze, the official site of the horror/comedy movie written and produced by the Loose Change gang

The Loose Change Show, featuring Phruity and friends

Check us out at, a site dedicated to Michigan music

Check us out at the Metro Times, the hot spot for everything happening in Metro Detroit

Don't forget about Jeff's new band, Elixir, and their "official" web site

Stuffy Bob (a Curious Jack side project) on

Intense Silence (Jeff, Nate & Neal's former band) on

Check out the web site for the band Lowry, my good old friend John's new band

Learn all about Mike Ridley, a legend in the comedy songwriting world

Wally Pleasantville, home of a fabulous Detroit-area comedy artist

WDFN, the wonderful all-sports radio station in Detroit, and the station that gave us our first break!

Detroit Sports Rag, a great web site all about the Detroit sports and radio scene

Rob Little, a budding stand-up comic star and a good friend

Phruity's Portfolio on

Visit Jeff's honey's web site

Detroit Area Theatre, a clearinghouse for shows and actors in Metro Detroit


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